Five Mind Blowing Techniques on How to Control Pests At Home

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Many times, you feel thirsty in the middle of the night. You go to the kitchen for having a glass of water. And what did you see? Cockroaches crawling all over the kitchen as soon as you switch on your light? Well, if you are in a similar situation, then it is mandatory, you require pest control in your home. There are many who refrain from using pest service, as they fear about the cost and packages. Doing it on your own will not cure the problem of pests at your home. Let it be any human being, a pest-free home is a much happier home compared to others. And moreover there are many benefits you will get when you opt for pest control at your home. It does not matter if your home is big or small, but pests at your home will slowly reduce the beauty of your home. 

Therefore, before going on the mind-blowing techniques to get rid of the pests, let’s see some of the major benefits that you will get. Shall we now focus on the mind blowing techniques on how to control pests at home?

So let’s note down the benefits that you will have once you use the techniques.

1- Better Health

With pest control, the best reason you can give is that it prevents diseases from spreading in your home. You may have more immunity, but consider the situation of elders and tiny tots in your home. So, there should be no room for diseases in your home. Therefore, to keep your family in the best of health, you should always make an effort to control the pests at home. 

2- Safeguard Your Property

Termites can cause overall destruction of your home. If you have got a farmhouse or a home in the wilderness, build a wooden wall around your home to safeguard against termites. In case of any infestation, it is advisable to hire a pest control company as quickly as possible.

3- Countermeasures 

There is a proverb – prevention is always better than cure. Follow the safety measures used by our elders to ward off pests from home. You can have Tulsi plants (basil) in front of your home and backyard to ward off the mosquitoes. Take care to prevent any forms of stagnant water in the home. It will help in breeding of mosquitoes.

Ensure that the kitchen counter is wiped off in the night. There should be no dishes to be washed in the kitchen sink. Ensure no food crumbs are left on the kitchen to attract cockroaches or ants. 

Five Mind Blowing Techniques On How To Control Pests At Home

Now finally let us jump into some of the organic and modern top notch techniques that you can use to control the pest. 

1- How To Control Pests At Home – Ultrasonic Pest Repeller-

Now get rid of dangerous and poisonous gas used for pest control at your home by installing the modern ultrasonic pest repeller. This device is safe for both humans and pets. Install it in your room or hall and switch it on. You will see positive effects within a week. The mosquitoes will escape to some other place. The cockroaches will also shift their shelter to some other place. This is one of the modern-day techniques to control pests.

You can try the 

  • Loskii LP-04 Model
  • KiddySafe Electronic Pest Repeller

2- How To Control Pests At Home – Electromagnetic Cockroach Expeller

Electronic-magnetic cockroach expeller is designed to eliminate the cockroaches. It is effective to 80 sq meters and can be used in home, office, restaurants and any other space. Plug the machine into the socket of 220V AC wall outlet. Please note that frequency waves generated from this device will not pass through any items. You should also take care to plug the unit in a space which is clear of any object. You can check for the model –

Vepson Electromagnetic Cockroach Expeller

3- How To Control Pests At Home – Herbal Termite Sprayer

These are termite killing sprays. Their odor is not harmful to humans. You can buy them online and can be used as per the instructions given in the manual. You can try Strategi Herbal spray for repelling termites. The other popular sprayer is PIDILITE Spray Pack. 

4- How To Control Pests At Home – Neem Oil

Neem oil has been used since decades, as it is a natural insecticide. But before using it, read the instructions given in the manual for using the pesticide. The pungent smell of neem oil prevents the pests from invading your home or specified space in large numbers. Some examples –

  • Abtec Bio Neem Plant Pesticide
  • B Natural Organic Neel Oil

5- Eucalyptus Oil

You can make use of eucalyptus oil to eradicte many pests from your home. For products, check the website of Citspray company.

For Pest Control

You can buy eucalyptus oil easily on any medical shop. The aroma of the oil is such that invading ants will beat a hasty retreat. You can easily make a pest control spray by following the instructions given in the bottle or manual. 


To eradicate the pests, you need to follow the procedure of spraying on the infested area every three days. Without dilution, eucalyptus oil can burn the skin of some humans. The oil can also cause irritation and can turn toxic when ingested. You should not use it near sources of heat as it has high inflammable properties.


Did you get enough points on how to control pests at home? But please note, the article has mostly focused on DIY methods to control the unwanted guests. There are times when you will have to seek the assistance of home pest control experts. For example, you are a Pune resident but your home is more than half a century old. You had gone out on vacation for twenty days. When you come back, you find signs of severe termite infestation. The situation needs a termite control expert.

To solve the problem in less time, you can download the app of companies offering home repair services in Pune. Open the app, and then check the profiles of companies offering pest control for termites in Pune. Then select the best as per your knowledge and budget. Schedule a time for inspection of your home. The company executive will come along with the team and do the survey. Then he will suggest the measures and price. The pest control process will start and the termites will get eradicated from your home as quickly as possible.

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