Connect HP Printer to Wi-Fi

Use WLAN to Connect HP Printer to Wi-Fi

•    Check the side or base of the access point or wireless router.

•    Now check the document carefully. You will most likely find the required network name and key information on the back of the wireless router and access point.

•    Next, you need to set up your HP printer by finding the power cord and plugging it into the HP printer.

•    Then plug it into a power outlet to turn it on. Click Menu button on the machine control panel.

•    5- Then use the up and down buttons to select the network again.

•    6- Press the navigation buttons (arrow buttons) to select WLAN, then press OK.

•    After completing this step, press up and down (arrow buttons) and press OK.

•    8. On the next screen, you will see a message to enable WiFi. Select Yes to start the Wi-Fi setup wizard.

•    You will see a list of available networks within range of the device. Down (arrow key) to select your preferred network from the list. After selecting the preferred network, click OK.

•    Next, you need to take action based on the type of authentication method you configured. You can configure an open system authentication method that requires a network key. If you have configured an authentication method that requires a network key to unlock the configuration file, enter the key and click “OK”, and then click “Yes” to allow it. If the authentication method you configured is Open System, please continue to the next step.

•    The device starts to connect to the selected wireless network.


You can easily connect HP Printer Wireless by installing drivers and software. 

•    First, log in to your system with administrator recommendation. Stop all programs running in the background before starting to install the driver.

•    2- Disable the antivirus software before completing the software configuration. In progress, you can activate it after installation. Or just follow the instructions below: 

•    3- You should have a HP printer operation guide CD.

•    4- Use the CD and complete the installation process. 

•    The setup process will begin and you will be asked to choose the nearest HP printer to connect to your network. It even gives the option for you to choose your preferred language. 

•    6- A window will appear on your screen with various installation procedures.

•    7-We recommend Pro Suite because it provides a complete set of drivers and software includes wired and wireless options that suit you.

•    8- After selecting the settings, click the “Next” button. 

•    9- Now select the wireless network where you want to connect the HP printer, and then click Next.

When the anti-virus window appears on the system screen, it provides you with two options:

•    You can change the anti-virus port and start the network connection to continue the configuration installation. 

•    2- You can continue without changing port 

•    3- Select the first option and continue the process 

•    4- Set the anti-virus port or User Datagram Protocol (UDP) port to 54925. If the port is not working properly and shows an error, please enter UDP as 137.5- 

•    The last step is to read the instructions and follow the instructions on the screen. 

6- Now just keep on clicking on Next until the installation process completes. 

•    7-After the setup is complete, your HP printer will be successfully connected.

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