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Even though we are not likely to think of our lungs, our lungs do a lot for us. From providing oxygen to our body cells to removing carbon dioxide from the blood, they are doing it all.

Our lifestyle habits are becoming the reason that we are damaging our lungs. Traffic some, second-hand smoking, no matter which you slice it our lungs go through a lot and needs to be cleaned.

Why is lung cleansing required?

Despite the fact that our lungs are mostly self-cleaning organs, they still require some external cleaning. There are ways that can help us to naturally clean our lungs. Alongside the general benefits of lung cleaning, these cleaning practices are particularly beneficial for people suffering from a lung health problem, as told by a renowned physician from Medilink consultant clinic in Karachi.

Medilink consultant clinic

How to clean your lungs naturally?

In case, you are wondering what these ways are, here I’m putting them down. Some of the ways to cleanse your lungs naturally are;

1- Steam therapy

The term steam therapy isn’t new for us. Throughout our lives, we have been taking steam to relieve the symptoms of common cold or flu or to relieve lung congestion. Generally speaking, steam can help to moisten the lung membranes that could have dried as a result of cold weather or due to a medical condition. Steam therapy can make breathing easy and provide immediate relief.

2- Working out

Another way to ensure your lung health is by practising the workout. Though there are countless mental and physical health benefits of working out, do you know it can also increase your lungs capacity? When you work out, there is an increase in breathing rate that increases the lungs capacity and makes them more efficient.

3- Controlled coughing

Controlled coughing is another way to naturally clean your lungs. Generally, coughing is considered as the body’s ultimate response to expel out toxins trapped by mucous. Coughing sends the released mucous to the airways making lungs mucous free. You can try controlled coughing to clean your lungs naturally by exhaling and coughing simultaneously.

4- Green tea

You might have heard people drinking green tea for weight loss and to treat their dark cycles. And the benefits of green tea doesn’t end here the list goes endless. But you know that green tea can also help to clear your lungs. The reason is obvious, green tea is rich in antioxidants and can reduce lung inflammation. There are studies that support the intake of green tea is known to improve lung functioning in people.

5- Food

Just like all other things, the food we consume can also impact our lungs health. Talking about the foods, the foods containing anti-inflammatory components can improve our lung health because lung inflammation is a common lung health problem resulting in chest congestion and difficulty breathing. As revealed by a renowned physician from Chawla clinic in Karachi, you need to consume anti-inflammatory foods including turmeric, walnuts, beans, leafy vegetables to keep your lungs healthy.

6- Chest percussion

Mucous in the chest is a common symptom of poor lung health that affects a person’s overall wellbeing to a greater extent. However, the techniques including chest percussion can remove the accumulated mucous from your lungs by using a cupped hand and excess mucous will be removed by tapping on your chest cavity in a rhythmic manner.

7- Mucous draining

If none of the above methods works for you, you can simply move to drain mucous from your lungs. In mucous draining procedures, gravity is used to drain mucous from the lungs and can improve lung functioning.

Takeaway Note!

Our lungs perform the most important job in our body by providing oxygen to our body and removing carbon dioxide from it. However, our lifestyle choices and practices tend to affect our lung health by a greater magnitude. Therefore, it is important to keep your lungs healthy to prevent lung health problems or to make the existing problems more manageable.

You can rely on the above-mentioned way to improve your lung health. However, in case if you don’t feel well or suffer from a lung health problem you should immediately contact a pulmonologist for a proper diagnosis and treatment plan.

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