How To Choose The Perfect Pillowcase – An Ultimate Guide

Perfect Pillowcase

When it comes to shopping for pillows, people put several thoughts into investing in the right one. They want their pillow not to be too soft, not too hard.

However, people often forget that pillow cases are equally important bedding items as pillows are for your bedrooms. It protects your pillow from dirt, spills, and stains. Also, choosing the right pillowcase and caring for it not only increases the lifespan of your pillows. But it also provides you with the required coziness to get perfect sleep every night.

Before getting into details, firstly know what a pillowcase is.

Benefits Of Using A Pillowcase

A pillowcase is made of fabric material that is used to cover the pillow. There are several advantages of using pillowcases.

  • These covers are removable, and you can easily wash them anytime.
  • It helps your pillows to maintain their shape and protect it from wear and tear.
  • Also, covering pillows underneath pillowcases ensures your pillows are always neat and fresh to use.

Tips To Choose The Right Pillowcase

To ensure selecting the right material for your pillowcase below is a complete guideline so that you can invest in quality ones.

Choose The Right Fabric

The first thing to consider when choosing any bedding item is fabric. The right fabric will not only ensure the longevity of the pillow but also, provides you comfort. While selecting fabric the best thing to consider is the material and quality of the fabric. So, go for the fabric that can provide you with long-lasting softness and coziness.

Pillowcases are made of both natural and synthetic fabrics.

  • Cotton pillowcases

Cotton is one of the most popular and coolest fabrics for pillowcases. Also, allow your skin to breathe properly. You can use cotton pillow covers for many years because of their high durability. Moreover, maintenance and cleaning of such covers are so easy because they are easy to remove and wash.

  • Sateen Pillowcases

A luxurious fabric material for your pillowcase. Sateen fabric is very soft to the touch and very kind to your skin. It helps your skin to achieve more smoothness, softness, and wrinkle-free skin. Also, it helps your hair to be shinier and smoother.

  • Tencel Pillowcases

Tencel is one of the most breathable fabric materials.  It helps in absorbing moisture and allows proper airflow to your skin so that you can sleep properly at night. Also, they are easy to clean and maintain for a long time.

You have so many options from cotton, and sateen to Tencel fabric. So, choose the one which suits your sleep style perfectly.

Select The Size That Suits Your Body

Now that you know about the fabrics in detail. The next thing you need to pay attention to is the pillowcase size. Since you have chosen the best pillow for you, now you need to fill them into the size that fits your pillows perfectly.

There are generally three sizes for pillowcases

  • Standard Size

Standard-size pillowcases are rectangular. These are mainly used pillow covers and are made to fit in regular-size, and queen-size pillows.

  • Queen Size

These pillowcases are mostly the same as the standard size but the only difference is that they are a bit longer. They are used for queen-size pillows and used for queen-size beds.

  • King Size

These are the largest pillowcases in size and are used for king-size pillows. Such cases are used for king-size beds.

These different sizes come in different colors and designs. So, you can select them according to the color scheme of your bedrooms.

Check The Thread Count

A thread count ensures the quality of the cloth, and it’s mentioned on your pillowcases. Are you wondering about thread count? Let’s explain that first. It is the number of threads per square centimeter or inch of fabric, both length and widthwise. Thread count ensures the fineness of the fabric material. It means the higher the thread count will be, the higher the quality you will get.

Check The Closing Options

Now you know how to determine the fabric, size, and quality of your pillowcases. So, the next step is to check the closing options of your pillowcase. Many people have no idea about shams. They don’t know the difference between pillowcases and shams because they both are used to cover your pillows and protect them. But shams have slightly different closing than the pillowcase. They are finished from all four sides and are more decorative than pillowcases and have extra fabric around the corners. However, pillowcases are plain and have only one side opening with no extra fabric around the corners.

Pay Attention To The Finishing

Always pay attention to the finishing of your pillowcase. The high-quality pillowcase has the finest stitching and will not fall apart. That’s why it’s essential to choose quality finished pillowcases.

Care About Your Pillowcase

After selecting the perfect pillowcase for yourself. It’s also necessary to take care of it so that you can increase the durability of your pillowcase and protect your pillows. Moreover, washing your pillowcase before using it for the first time is always suggested. Also, wash your white and colorful pillowcases separately to avoid unwanted stains on white ones.


Pillowcases shield your face from acne and pimple breakouts and help you to maintain the beauty that everyone seeks. Also, pillowcases protect your pillows from wear and tear. Moreover, such covers protect pillows from dirt, stain, and spills and ensure cleanliness of your pillows. Also, it comes in so many designs, colors, and textures and helps you to decorate your bedrooms. That’s why choosing the perfect pillows is very important, so you need to pay attention to investing in the right one.

The first step in this ultimate guide is to choose the right fabric. There are both natural and synthetic fabrics available for you. From cotton, silk, and sateen to Tencel you can choose the fabric that is most appropriate to your requirement. After that select the size that perfectly suits your body and bed size. For high-quality covers always check the thread count that is mentioned on your pillowcases. Also, choose quality stitched covers because they will not fall apart quickly and will last for many years.