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According to Allied Market Research, global on-demand taxi services will burgeon into a US$120.89 billion industry by 2027 despite the Pandemic. Hailing Taxis have become an inescapable part of our everyday lives to the extent that it has now become synonymous with the city life. What has transformed the landscape of this ride-hailing industry is this new feature that allows you to book Taxis through your Apple Smart watches. If this isn’t mind boggling for you then the Best Taxi booking uber clone App in town is offering you to book rides via websites or simply call their Dispatcher panel to place the ride request.

You are a well-read entrepreneur and you are here curious to know how to launch a Taxi App like Uber in just under a week! Your search for that perfect app developer that’d even do rebranding for you ends now and here!

Here are the pointers to keep in mind when you go searching for your Clone App Developing soulmate!

Your App developer should provide you with free Demo links

Authentic Taxi App developers won’t charge you anything for trying out Demo versions of the Clone Apps for an indefinite period of time. This is how you know that the company is confident in its product and is selling a fully-functional, market-tested and ready-to-launch product.

Experience matters!

Don’t fall for marketing gimmicks of some fraudster companies who have nothing but a non-tested prototype to sell because remember what once William Shakespeare said “All that glitters is not gold”. Look for app developers with at least eight years in experience in not only designing but launching such clone apps on a daily basis.

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Provides Licensed Source Code for free

The legit white-labelling company that will make your Customizable on-demand Taxi Booking App should provide you with a Licensed Source Code for one domain at no extra cost with the purchase of the Package. This License’ validity will be for lifetime.

Doesn’t charge you an exorbitant amount for Rebranding

The Best Taxi App Developer in the on-demand service industry will white-label your clone app as part of the package and wouldn’t charge you an exorbitant amount additionally for doing the same. They will customize the app with your company’s name and logo. They will also colour-coordinate the entire App User Interface with that of the company’s logo.

Is your app developer well-equipped to launch your app in just under seven days?

This is the most crucial pointer of all. There are only a handful of top-notch clone app developers in the world that have the reputation of launching a fully-functional bug-free app in just under 7 days – V3Cube is part of this elite club! It should also provide you with 365 days of bug-free support

The company should strictly adhere to Non-Disclosure Agreement Policies

The company that you choose should swear by the word “Confidential”! Every conversation, every idea discussed should never leak out into the world and especially to your competitors. The Project Manager should take all of the confidential statements and transactions with the client to one’s grave.

Choose the one that stands with you through thick and thin

Once the app is ready, the next stage is to launch it on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. There have been instances wherein due to technical reasons the Clone App gets rejected. Your Uber clone App development team shouldn’t abandon you at this stage and instead help you with the submission of the re-application. They should do this for free.

Free internal text chatting and VOIP based call-masking to facilitate communication between the Riders and Taxi Drivers

This feature comes in handy when both the Riders and the Taxi Drivers want to communicate to each other without revealing their real calling numbers. Text chats help in coordinating conversations like how long before the Taxi will arrive or will the Taxi Driver accept cash.


Launch Uber Clone App with V3Cube that holds an impeccable reputation in the on-demand service worldwide. It has launched 1200 plus applications in the last two years alone. They are among the industry stalwarts of this ride-hailing service space.

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