How to Choose Your Lady Gynecologist Specialist in Jaipur?

The gynaecologist is the referral doctor for the woman. For many reasons, therefore, it is a delicate and personal choice. The gynaecologist is the doctor where mom took us the first time we faced particular women’s health issues. Lady gynecologist specialist in Jaipur gives you trust and security.

The gynaecology specialist is not just any doctor. She is a particular doctor; she is the doctor who explores our most intimate sphere, in front of which we should not feel embarrassed, but on the contrary, we should feel relaxed and at ease.

What Are We Looking For in a Lady Gynecologist Specialist in Jaipur?

lady gynecologist specialist

You can choose them on behalf of Professionalism and competence. But also discretion, confidentiality, kindness, listening skills and the ability to inform correctly.

Why Do We Go to a Gynaecologist?

There can be many reasons. The first time usually coincides with the very first menstruation.

A little older, the lady gynecologist specialist in Jaipur can help us choose the best contraceptive method, and then they will advise us on how to deal with pregnancy peacefully.

Over the years, you will have to face functional problems such as menopause and its side effects. You periodically go to the gynaecologist to carry out preventive checks and for the excellent maintenance of our state of health. You can read their curriculum vitae and specializations and thus get an idea of his experience. But to understand if that doctor can be our trusted gynaecologist, we need to know him and “experience” the first visit with a lady gynecologist specialist in Jaipur.

Trust is Also a Question of Feeling

We have gathered information and decided to contact a new gynaecologist for the first time.

An exhaustive visit that satisfied you raised questions concerning the family, pathological and physiological anamnesis, control of the breasts and armpits, abdomen, and external genitals. The execution of a Pap test is undoubtedly already an excellent signal. 

The Gynecology section offers a complete path, from diagnosis to medical or surgical therapy, for patients suffering from gynaecological pathology.

The Gynecology Unit deals with:

• Of the surgical treatment of benign uterine and oncological pathology limited to the initial stages of the disease

• Ovarian pathology (endometriosis, benign and borderline ovarian cysts)

• Adnexal pathology (sactosalpinx, ectopic pregnancy)

 Most surgical procedures are performed with a minimally invasive technique to reduce post-operative pain, hospital stays, and complications. 

The vaginal route is used, in most cases, for the treatment of pelvic floor pathology. The laparotomy route is reserved for patients who cannot be treated with the minimally invasive technique or vaginally.


The outpatient activity provides a diagnosis and treatment path and is divided into services dedicated to the individual pathology. Clinic for menopause, you accompany the woman in this particular phase of life. Postmenopausal women and those over 45 who have an altered menstrual cycle that has lasted for a few months (6 or more) can access the clinic. Lady gynecologist specialist in Jaipur helps to solve all kinds of these issues.

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