Getting your car repaired; hurts. Routine oil changes and tune ups are things you are prepared and budgeted for. But car repair is a thing you cannot anticipate – breakdowns and accidents can happen at any time. When these things happen we curse our luck and are torn between two urges –first to get the car back on the road as quickly as possible and secondly to spend as little as we can (insurance is something we are not considering here) on auto repair services. These are two contradictory but valid demands and you need to balance both to make sure that you get the best auto repair done.

The rush to get the car back in operation often leads us to the first “qualified” auto repair shop we come to. Don’t give in to this urge. It’s better to take a day or two extra if it means saving you hundreds of dollars, if not more. If you have a car mechanic you go regularly to fortune ups and minor jobs, and whom you trust, ask him to recommend a specialist mechanic shop to do the kind of repairs you need. Keep in mind that regular car repair shops are often overconfident of their own abilities. Even if you trust your regular motor mechanic, don’t blindly give your car to him if he says he can to the kind of repairs you need. Make sure that he has experience in this kind of work as well as the proper equipment.

If you have had a breakdown, an auto repair center will first of all want to analyze the problem. Some car repair shops will charge you for this service and some will do it for free. Get the diagnosis done from a car repair center that does not charge for this so you have an idea of what the cost will be and then, decide where you want to go to get the repairs done.

If the free diagnostic place inspires confidence, fine and if not, find an auto repair service that inspires confidence, even if it costs more. You already have an idea of the expenses so you can’t be ripped off and it’s better to pay a few dollars more for peace of mind. Talk to the motor mechanic and make sure that you are not just getting “surface diagnostics” done – that means just looking at your current problem. There may be an underlying mechanical issue that could cause the problem to reoccur after the car repairs have been completed. It’s always better to go to an auto repair shop that will go into the problem in depth to make sure you don’t have hassles later on.

Once you have an idea of what’s wrong with your car, make sure the auto repair garage you choose is conversant with the type of car repair required. For example, if the problem is with the car’s engine management system (EMS), you need a car repair shop that knows how to do this kind of specialized electronic auto repair. Conversely, if your problem is purely mechanical, the EMS specialists may not be equipped to handle the job. Cars are becoming so complex a motor mechanic is becoming like a doctor – there are specialists for everything.

If your repair is because of a collision that has damaged your body work, and not the car mechanics or electronics, go to a body car repair specialist. This is an area where you need to be particularly cautious. Besides things like replacing broken glass, body repair involves a lot of denting and painting work where the experience and knowledge of the motor mechanic is important. Improper dent repair may leave the car looking good, but underlying flaws in the body work may result in long term damage to the metal and paint. The best thing you can do is get a referral from someone who has had body shop car repair work done and if that is not possible, ask the body car repair shop to give you the names of customers you can contact for their recommendations.

Don’t try and save on the paint costs. If there has been extensive damage to the body, its better to go in for a complete stripping of the old paint and have a complete base, clear and top coat job done. Just getting a top coat is much cheaper but the paint will start to peel off in a year or so and then you will have to get the full job done anyway and your car will have to go back to the body car repair shop for another extended stay.

Another aspect of accident car repair work that you have to consider is damage to the frame of the car. If this happens, the car is often unsafe to drive. If this has happened to your car, and the motor mechanic says that he can repair it, get a second opinion right away. In most cases this kind of damage can never be satisfactorily repaired and sad though it may be, it is better to let the car go and spend money on a new one. Driving a car with a damaged frame will result in excess tire wear, suspension problems and, much more seriously, can affect the braking characteristics of the car.

Whatever type of car repair you need to get done, it makes sense to contact your local Better Business Bureau about the auto repair shop you are planning to use. They will be able to give you information about the car repair shop’s reputation and the complaints received about them. The internet is also a good place to get references. Check out car clubs in your area. These are usually made up of people very involved with their cars and you will get knowledgeable recommendations for car repair services from them.

Look at getting car repairs done, like going to a doctor when you are unwell. If you are told it is a major health problem, you get a second opinion. If the problem does turn out to be serious, you go to a specialist. And if you need specialized treatment, you go to a hospital that specializes in the kind of problem you have. Look at car repairs the same way and replace the doctor with a motor mechanic, the medical specialist with a specialist auto repair mechanic and the hospital with specialized auto repair services and you will get a good job done and have a safe and reliable car with you.

By Darbaar

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