How To Check Water TDS At Home

check water tds

Is it possible to check water TDS at home? If yes then how can anyone check TDS at home? Before discussing about the process to check TDS level in water, you have to know all about TDS. TDS is stands for total dissolved solids in water that includes inorganic salts and organic compounds. When it comes to inorganic salts in water, it includes sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium.

The groundwater also have extremely harmful heavy metals as lead, mercury, and arsenic. The excess TDS in water indicates the water is highly contaminated and having excess of undesired substances. TDS level up to 500 mg/dl is considered safe for drinking and cooking. Anything higher than this limit is injurious to health and lower than 500 TDS water is become tasteless but safe for drinking.

TDS Level mg/literWater rating
Less than 300Excellent for all day-to-day activities
300-500Good for drinking
500-900Not good
Above 900Very poor

The Process To Check Water TDS Level At Home

check water tds

To check the TDS level at home, you have to own a digital TDS meter, electrical conductivity meter, filter paper, and weighing scale method. The best to have a digital TDS meter to check water TDS at home as it doesn’t need any technical knowledge to operate. A digital TDS meter is the most convenient way to measure water TDS at home as it directly show the actual TDS count on display.

These are the steps to follow for measuring the actual TDS of the drinking water by using a digital TDS meter.

·         It needs to open the protective cap of the digital TDS meter and turn it on

·         The marks on the meter, indicates the actual TDS level of the water

·         Dip the digital TDS meter into the sample water until that mark is highlighted

·         Any air bubbles can be removed gently without moving the TDS meter

·         In few seconds the TDS meter reading will fluctuate. So, you have to wait for 10 to 15 seconds to stabilize

·         Once the reading get stable, press the hold button and pull out the TDS meter from the sample water.

·         Now can see the actual TDS level of water and note that

Why Do You Need To Remove The High Amount Of TDS From Water?

The excess of calcium, magnesium, and potassium ions in raw water needs to be eliminated before drinking as these are the reason for high TDS. There are a number of reason behind the water salination as urbanization, farming and agricultural practices. The TDS level below 500 means there is no excess salts and inorganic solvents in water as these are present in trace amounts.

The excess of TDS also have arsenic, lead, and mercury that causes serious health hazards along with the inorganic solvents. It is advised to remove excess TDS from water before using in any domestic activities like drinking, cooking, washing.

Apart from these impacts high TDS water can also damage to your bathroom and kitchen fittings if it is not removed. The reverse osmosis technology is one of the effective way to remove excess TDS because of its semipermeable membrane that’s pore size is smaller than 0.0001 microns in size.

Is TDS Required And What Is Its Acceptability Levels?

Pure water doesn’t have any taste, odor and color and it is advised to drink pure water. Essential salts like calcium, potassium, and magnesium are required in trace amount to hold flavor and add nutritional value to water. So, TDS inside the acceptable range is required to maintain the original taste, color, and odor.

1.  Less than 50 mg/liter TDS level comes under unacceptable as it doesn’t have essential minerals that is required in water

2.  TDS 50-150 is somehow an acceptable number as it may contain mild pollutants

3.  The 150-250 TDS range is one of the safest TDS range and considered safe for several health conditions

4.  Most of the places in India has TDS level among 250-350 that also falls under the acceptable range

5.  The best TDS range is 350-500 that doesn’t need any treatment to use in drinking and cooking

6.  any TDS level over 500 is unacceptable for any form of human consumption as it is advised to use RO service  to remove excess of TDS and make it fit for daily use

7.  The TDS level above 1200 is totally unfit for any domestic practices and falls under highly hazardous category

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