How to capture the best Indian wedding photography shots?

No one can deny the importance of photography. No matter how much technology comes and goes. When you plan to get married, the importance will increase even more. It’s a day of memories that you want to be safe forever. It is important to find a photographer that can perfectly do this. When you live in London but have Indian roots, it becomes more difficult to find professionals. They have traditions and cultural understanding.

When we talk about Indian wedding photography, the first thing that comes to our mind is different colours and many different rituals. Only those who know them will be able to photograph the wedding. Otherwise, there is a definite chance something will get done uncaptured. Below, we will discuss ways to cover Indian weddings:

Meet the couple personally:

It may sound awkward to some who live in India. Most often, they will see the photographer on their wedding day. But in London, the photographer gets this option. So, it is better to take advantage of it. So, as a wedding photographer, the first thing you have to do is set up a meeting with the couple. It allows you to learn about them. Besides, you will be able to understand from the extent to which they are comfortable with each other and you. So, on the wedding day, you will be prepared with this type of photoshoot. 

Discussion with the bride and groom:

It is not easy to get time to talk with the couple on the wedding day. So when you set up a meeting, you have to get the full advantage. You can discuss different shots with the couple. You can show them some pictures. If couples have some shots planned you can put them on your list. The advantage you get is that it saves you time at the wedding. Since every second at the wedding is very precious.  

Assistant of the couple for the photography:

When we talk about Indian weddings, you can’t look for fewer guests. So it is important to have a coordinator with you. You can choose a person from the family and he will tell you about the close relatives of the couple. As it happens many times, at the wedding close people do not have a single picture. Following this tip will benefit a lot in photography.

Capture everything in event:

When we studied above there was so much to go to an Indian wedding. It is important to know which events are more important. As a photographer, you have much knowledge about the wedding, or do not hesitate to ask from the family. Get their opinion like how they want you to cover the wedding? Then start your work, it will make your work easy and the client happy.

Team of photographers:

Never go alone to an Indian wedding always go as a team 2 or 3. This is because Indian weddings are big and last days. There is no way, you can manage everything single-handedly, able to cover all aspects. Having a helper can make things easy. 

Why light is important?

Lighting is very important in photography. Since the dress of the bride and groom is very colourful, only the appropriate lighting can capture the details. Try to take pictures in natural light. It will bring more warmth to the photos.

Choose the right posses:

There are so many people when any rituals happen in Indian weddings. The photographer needs to choose a place where it becomes easy for you to capture the moment correctly. So, keep preparing and concentrating all the time.

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