The Top 5 Things to Look for when Buying a Raincoat

rain coat

With the commencement of monsoon season, it’s time to whip out all your rainy weather supplies. Rain coat, umbrellas, rain boots, and more will now all make their way into your daily use products. Of all the various items that protect you from the showers when stepping out, a raincoat is a top choice among children and adults together. Not only is a raincoat much more hassle-free as compared to an umbrella, what with the lack of handles that need to be manually handled and all, they also provide maximum coverage against the rain.

There is no better time to stock up on some good raincoat options than now but shopping for one requires some careful consideration of various aspects. Going by how much one will ideally use their raincoat during monsoon, having the most convenient ones is very important and here are five things you can keep in mind while buying a raincoat to ensure that:

  1. Size: When buying a raincoat, the size is one of the most important things you need to check carefully. Make sure you get a comfortable size that isn’t too tight so you can have room to move easily. Moreover, if you ever need to carry backpacks, sling bags, etc., with you, extra space comes in handy to keep your essentials protected as well.
  1. Fabric: Raincoat fabrics like polyester, nylon, synthetic, microfiber, etc., are usually laminated with waterproof materials like PVC (polyvinyl chloride), PU (polyeutherine) and more. Many low-quality fabrics available in the market tend to let the water in and douse you in rainwater, which negates the point of using a raincoat. The mentioned fabrics, however, are the ideal ones to go with.
  1. Sustainability: Many raincoat fabrics guarantee durability and sustainability but turn flimsy the second weather conditions take on a stormy effect. Your raincoat should stand strong against the rain no matter how bad the condition is, so take a look at what the brand says about its durability.
  1. Pattern: The pattern of your raincoat refers to the length, design, etc. You can go at any length you want as per your requirements. As for the pattern, hooded raincoats with adjustable cuff bands to keep the water out at all times are optimal.
  1. Colour: One might think colours really don’t play an important role in choosing a good raincoat, but you might be surprised. Going with bright, ideally, fluorescent colours will be of great help to you if you ever require help after the sun sets in bad weather conditions. This country isn’t new to monsoon fiascos at all, so having a bright coloured raincoat makes it easier for you to be spotted and, in turn, get the required help.

Buying a raincoat keeping these things in mind will ensure you’ve done your part to always stay on the safer side in monsoon conditions. You can buy your favourite raincoat from a wide range of high-quality options from online shopping platforms like Myntra, all at affordable ranges. Take a look and start shopping already!

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