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Uber is like a great godfather in an app based taxi industry as it was the first one to come with this concept. It was uber that provided employment to uncountable people all around the world. For riders, uber is an amazing, convenient and safe taxi service.

For some riders, it is one the most expensive taxi service and for some, it is the most affordable one. In every country where uber is providing its services, it has earned popularity as well as criticism too.

It is way much easy to book a cab through uber, just a few taps on the screen and your driver with your booked ride will be available at your doorsteps. Uber like startup offers a very well functioning tracking system that allows riders to track their ride until it has not arrived at the pickup location. The tracking system does not end up here; it allows riders to keep a look at the locations as well as the routes to which the drivers are following.

uber like startups

For drivers, uber allows them to be their own boss. Drivers can set their own working hours and according to the working hours they can earn daily wages. It is a great platform for the drivers to earn good amount of money if work as the permanent driver. There are some criteria to become a driver for uber; if anindividual passes all the criteria then he or she is eligible being the driver.

As similar as uber, there are many other taxi service companies that came after uber and also became successful.

Uber like startup app-based taxi companies that become successful


Summon was before known with the name InstaCab. It is a hybrid taxi service that provides a personal ride service as well as the ride-sharing service too. Summon has no surge pricing system as their service cost is fixed with flat ride rates. Though it is not that much huge as uber the services of Summon are quite popular. It allows the rider to cancel their ride after booking till 30 minutes. The drivers of Summon understand the rider requirement and reached at the pickup location way much quicker. Not only this, but Summon also offers airport shuttle services too at very much reasonable price.


It is also one of the popular taxi service uber like startup company that based on demand taxi app. Flywheels have all the licensed drivers that are professionals in driving cars in every weather condition. Flywheel’s fare, as well as tracking, is their first government-certified meter software that allows drivers to get actual earning for their driving. Riders can even add their preferred payment option; riders can pay through cash as well as online payment too.


The driver is known to be one of the most luxurious rides providing a app-based taxi services. The services of Driver are only available at US West Coast. Driver offers premium rides to the riders at a very affordable price. If riders are bored of traveling through old-fashioned cars, they can choose Driver’s ride to traveling style till their offices or can even take a fancy ride to show off at party spot too. The Driver app is way much simple to use and their services are quite quick too.

Final Verdict

An app based taxi service business is the best way to earn in present time. All you are quire is one Uber clone software that is robust in providing the taxi services to the riders. Make sure you buy Uber clone software from a genuine clone app developing company.

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