How to Build a Brand on YouTube

Build a Brand on YouTube

According to statistics, people watch one billion hours and over 5 billion videos on YouTube every day. Furthermore, as compared to traditional television, millennials prefer YouTube two to one. With over 30 million daily visits, YouTube is the second most popular social media platform behind Facebook.

Continue reading if you want to create your own brand on YouTube but don’t know where to begin.

A four-step method will be outlined in this tutorial.

#1 Decide on a specialty

One of the most common blunders is entering YouTube with the goal of “becoming a YouTuber.”

Vlogging or recording lifestyle films of one’s daily travels has brought some people a lot of success. However, attempting to appeal to everyone will almost always result in failure, since you will wind up speaking to no one.

Rather, identify the people you want to help and produce content just for them.

Build a Brand on YouTube

It’s easier to create a unified message and content marketing plan when you know who you’re talking to.

You are not required to produce videos for everyone. You must create videos for the folks you wish to assist.

You’ll find your tribe if you do this. You’ll identify your audience and build a loyal following of people who value your knowledge in a certain field.

I used to purchase, trade, and sell Magic: The Gathering cards when I was younger, for example. I became engrossed in it. I’m still keeping up with the market after all these years. It’s a pleasurable pastime.

Read more:

I follow Rudy from Alpha Investments on Twitter when I want to keep up with the newest Magic: The Gathering news. He makes the greatest videos about the current trade value of Magic Cards, comic books, and other collectibles, as well as investment prospects.

Do you think I’d watch Rudy’s YouTube channel if he started one on his day-to-day life?

No. Rudy is someone I follow because he makes fantastic Magic card videos.

Rudy discovered a topic he was passionate about and has established a sizable YouTube following around his personal brand.

What are your interests? You could start a YouTube channel dedicated to:

  • Gardening \sWoodworking
  • Novels and books
  • Sculpture and art
  • Marketing and business
  • Restaurants
  • Recovery from addiction
  • Jeeps

The more particular you are, the more trust your audience will have in you.

If you’re serious about developing a YouTube personal brand, you’ll need to narrow down your focus first.

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#2 Choose the most appropriate keywords

Behind Google, YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine.

The majority of video traffic comes from search engines. YouTube is used by people to solve difficulties and discover solutions to their questions.

There’s a lot of room for keyword optimization in videos, especially if your personal brand already has a list of keywords it wants to rank for.

This three-step procedure can be followed.

  • Research effectively
  • Optimize your metadata
  • Drive engagement with quality content

#3 Promote your videos on social media

Don’t forget to link your video to your other social media accounts once you’ve finished it and submitted it to YouTube. This is particularly useful if you have a small number of subscribers but a large number of followers on other social media networks.

Link to the video with a brief description and ask others to offer their comments and, if they think it’s worthy, to share it with their own followers.

You know how every social media platform allows you to link to other platforms so that people may find you more easily? Wherever you can, include a link to your YouTube channel.

#4 Partner up

See if any channels that are similar to yours might be interested in collaborating with you. Small and large firms, well-known and up-and-coming entrepreneurs can benefit from partnerships. If you’re lucky and a channel with a larger audience decides to collaborate with you, you’ll have an opportunity to be seen by their subscribers and a chance to get some of them to subscribe to you as well.

This sort of exposure aids in brand awareness, and who knows, you might gain a few dozens of dedicated viewers as a result.

YouTube is well worth your time and money

So it’s time to start building your YouTube personal brand. In fact, I’m renewing my commitment to produce additional video content.

There are numerous advantages to having a YouTube following. You can utilise it to expand your business, leverage your expertise to pursue a speaking career, or even get paid to advertise other items on your channel.

In any case, you should begin investing right away.

You’ll wish you’d started today a year from now.

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