It can be quite tempting to skip the salon and try a manicure treatment at home. Thus, it is best to leave it to the experts. A perfect polish is a skill that takes years of experience and hundreds of painted nails to perfection. It is all about giving attention to the details for getting the polish as close to the cuticle as possible.

In addition to this, a smooth, evenly distributed, glossy finish is much harder to achieve than it looks on the outside. The manicure process should not differ between getting it done at a salon or home by a mobile online app like the Zoylee App. The key difference is the comfort and convenience of having it done at home.


We cannot choose any app for booking manicure appointments. You need to go for the best manicure booking app like Zoylee that provides the best nail treatment service. It has all the top salons for you from which you can choose the best manicure service for yourself at the best prices. You do not have to worry about getting down to the salon by yourself anymore for booking an appointment. You can book the best online manicure services from the comfort of your home simply through the Zoylee App.

What is a Manicure

A manicure is a beauty treatment process of the hands. The treatment process includes your nails to be cut, filed, and shaped. In addition to this, it also involves having your cuticles pushed back and tidied, and then followed by a relaxing massage. The final step includes the painting of the nails with a color of your choice.

Manicures are excellent for maintaining healthy nails, cuticles and skin for both men and women. The presentation and cleanliness of your hands will be judged by everyone regardless of your profession. Thus, having your hands and nails groomed by a skilled expert achieves a clean and professional look that can be difficult to attain by yourself at home. The most important aspect of a manicure is that it allows you to de-stress, relax and enjoy some much-needed me time.

What are the types of manicures?

In a generation of millennials, everyone is known for the love of its freedom of choice. They are also known to be extremely conscious of the beauty choices. Precisely why they love the pamper sessions at the salon, particularly the manicures services. The best thing is that there is no shortage of manicure options available today. The salons offer a host of services to choose from and pick from.

Here is the list of some of the most trending types of manicure services that are most popular today:

§ Hot Oil Manicure

§ Spa Manicure

§ Soak-off Gel Manicure

§ Paraffin Wax manicure

§ Brazilian Manicure

§ Shellac Manicure

§ 3D manicure

§ Acrylic Manicure

§ Basic Manicure

§ Hot Stone Manicure

§ Mirror Manicure

§ Reverse French Manicure

Benefits of Manicure

Some of the great benefits of manicures done by a professional nail salon are as follows:

Increase in the blood circulation

While undergoing any manicure, apart from exfoliating, moisturizing, getting treatments for the cuticles will help relax the muscles, improve blood circulation, and enhance the joints’ mobility.

Enhance the well-being of your nails

Consistent manicure decreases the chances of your nails developing any infection or fungi. This energizes new cell development, leaving your nails more grounded and more beneficial.


Manicures are an awesome approach to unwinding the stress while enhancing the look and feel of your hands. Manicure is the best alternative to body massage to relax you at the time of stress. It also provides you with pretty nails, which will automatically bring a smile to your face.

Keeps hands and feet smooth and delicate

It is suggested to undergo manicures regularly in the winter season to help your skin and nails. It helps to keep them smooth and soft despite being exposed to harsh winter conditions. Or else you may experience a crack, dry skin resulting in painful scars or sores.

Healthy skin

The hands are subjected and exposed to more daily dirt and weather than any other part of your body. This means that the manicure treatment can collect dirt easily, which might result in dead skin.

Contagious Infections

An expert manicure professional can recognize parasitic contamination even in its initial stages when it is most effectively treated.

Mental well-being

Manicure ensures both extraordinary physical and mental health benefits. Your hands will look and feel amazing. This will make your stress go down, the pain will be gone, and your blood circulation will increment.

How to book manicure service appointment through Zoylee App

Due to the harsh weather conditions, pollution, and stress, the hands and feet suffer the most. This is particularly why beauty treatment of utmost importance. The best way to retain the softness of the hands is to choose for manicure service at periodic intervals. The use of a wide range of beauty tools that include nail clippers, nail files, cuticle cream and many more makes it possible to get smooth skin.

You can book the best manicure service from the most experienced and expert professionals via the Zoylee app. The steps included are as follows: –

Step 1: Firstly, download the Zoylee app from Google Play Store.

Step 2: You must sign up to avail of the services.

Step 3: To book the manicure services, click on the salon.

Step 4: From the list, you can choose the vendor you want.

Step 5: After selecting the vendor that you want, you must choose the service.

Step 6: Click on “proceed”

Step 7: Now, you must decide the date and time.

Step 8: It will take you to the order confirmation page. Here, you will come across the payment option. However, you should also observe the billing details. After re-checking everything, click on “confirm.”

Step 9: Now, you have the booking confirmed.


There are plenty of salon booking apps in the market, but it is important to choose the best one. Therefore, choosing the Zoylee App will be the best decision as you will receive the best experience of booking online services for the most effective manicure services.

It would help if you also considered the benefits and then go for the best salon booking app. The Zoylee App is the place where you will get all the top services from the top salons and the place where you can easily avail of manicure services without any assistance from the salon. You can book their services and can easily pay through the app as well. The Zoylee is one promising app that will fulfill all your manicure and salon service requirements in just one click.

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