How to Become an Uber Driver: A Step by Step Guide

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The model of our economy believes in sharing or providing services and goods to one another, and transportation is one of them. And we all know that Uber is one of the major platforms in that industry. According to Uber’s survey, there are around 14 million people, who are driving for Uber in sixty-three different countries and completing around 14 million rides every day. While some drive to earn extra dollars, others are going full-time as their primary source of earning. 

Are you also wondering how to become a successful Uber driver? If yes, then read the instructions given below carefully.

Maybe you are thinking of signing up and want to know the need to become an Uber driver. Indeed, you should have a car and a smartphone to connect with the paying passengers. But this is not all. You need to know more about the requirements to become a successful uber driver, including your expected earnings, getting more tips, more trips, etc.

To become a successful Uber driver, it is necessary to fulfill the following requirements. So let’s see what some critical needs you must meet to become a driver are.

Minimum Requirements:

  • To become an Uber driver you need to meet some basic requirements regarding driving license,  age, and experience.
  • You must have passed the driver screening test, Including your driving background, criminal record, proof of residency, and proof of your car registration and auto insurance.
  • Your car should be in good condition, size and should not be too old.

These were the few basic requirements you must meet before you apply for driving in Uber. Requirements can be varied by the states and cities in the U.S. They can be different in the different cities and places of the U.S. If you are applying for Uber you must check the requirements according to your state to become an Uber driver. 

How to become a Uber driver: A step by step guide

To become an Uber driver, you need to meet a few basic things. For example, your age, your experience, and your vehicle requirements should match the profile. The procedure to become an Uber driver, step by step, mentioned below. If you are thinking of becoming a driver like others, read the instructions carefully.


  • You must have a car and a valid driving license registered in your name
  • Your age should not be less than 23
  • You must be eligible to drive the four-door vehicle
  • You must have driving experience of at least one year

Note: Requirements for vehicles can be varied by state and city. You will know exactly when you will apply for the job according to your location.


You will need to have some documents that are required to apply for an Uber job. These documents are listed below.

  • You should have proof of residency in the U.S.
  • A valid driving license 
  • Proof of car registration and auto insurance
  • Driver’s profile proof

Submit your application:

Once you review all the required documentation and can meet them, you can start the signing process. You just need to press the sign-up button and follow the information provided on the screen. 

If you don’t have an account you will need to make an account and press the signup button. After that, you will need to follow the instructions mentioned on the screen. 

Driver screening:

To become a driver in Uber, no one must have passed this step. Without clearing this test you will not be able to become an Uber driver. This test provides complete information about your past driving records and all the other required information. This is an important step for every driver. To perform it you will have to submit your social security number to Uber.

If you are new in the city or recently shifted here, it might be possible that you will have to provide some extra information about yourself for verification. You must have your old city’s driving license and insurance.

Application accepted:

The last step of the signup process is the acceptance of the application. Once your application is accepted after performing all the required steps, you will become a Uber driver or a rideshare driver. It can take a maximum of one to two weeks but mostly it takes seven days to complete the procedure. Once your application is approved you can pick up passengers and start earning. 


These are the few important steps by performing you can become a successful Uber driver. If you meet all the qualities, you just need to press the sign-up button and after a small verification, you will be an Uber driver. So why delay, let’s sign-up quickly to become an Uber driver and short-term plans and dreams come true. You can search for opportunities on via keywords, Job title, company and location, and then you’re sent directly to the website to apply. Candidates need to register to upload their resume and access other services like custom job notifications.

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