How to Become A Successful Comedian


What does it take to become a successful comedian? This article will focus on creativity and originality in the comedy industry and how creativity can aid in expanding the fan base and making one a successful comedian.

Originality and creativity are always underrated in the world of comedy. Most comedians use step by step technique in applying and presenting it better than the rest. When we focus on other popular comedians, they don’t apply this formula. They are original and creative in their own ways. To support my point if you happen to look at the top 50 comedians, you will find that they are different in their own ways.

What is common about them is their creativity.

If you are sure this is what you want, have compiled some tips below to help you started:

You Must Have Jokes

I understand this may be the most obvious, but one of the hardest things for comedians is writing jokes, trying to relate to people you don’t know and trying to make them laugh. It’s evident that not every person finds everything to be funny. But according to nature, anything termed funny can easily be related. To be relatable, you need to come up with jokes of everyday activities and real-life events that make you smile.

Get on Stage

Most people are indeed so funny around their friends, but when it comes to the stage is a whole different thing. The audience, wooden stage audience and the microphone can frighten a person. You are anxious, nervous and always second-guessing yourself before you perform. The feeling will never fade. Every comedian you see even the successful ones experience the same fear before they can even perform. How you handle the anxiety is what makes you outstand the rest.


Most comedians have concluded that if you don’t experience the anxiety before the show that fits you unready. You have to accept the nervousness as your friend in the comedy industry. If you accept it and take it to the stage with you, trust me to will always be delivering great jokes.

Be on A Position to Act.

You may have gone to a comedy show and found an entertainer with low energy who is hardly moving. Some people love this. But to be a successful comedy is more of a sport. Ensure you utilize the stage to the fullest.

It is also good for all those aspiring comedians to take comedy classes to be able to achieve all those things mentioned above. Sounding relatable is the core thing in comedy and to achieve this use your body. In case you can’t act the jokes, your audience might get lost. And it is unethical to lose the audience.

As you write jokes, make sure you have in mind the physicality that will fit the stage setup. If a joke needs you to jump, jump.

Cuteness and comedy are two different things; you can’t act cute when presenting a show, this works well for female comedians that tend to think acting cute works everywhere.

Do your research

You cannot just become a famous star without doing your research well on comedy and maybe watching different upcoming movies so that you can relate with the current trends. This will make your comedy look updated and your audience will always see you as a star with good grasp of what is current.

Final Verdict

The article is meant to enlighten comedians on how they can improve and remain relevant in the industry. If you follow all those three tips, be sure I am meeting you at the top.

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