How to become a Mary Kay consultant?

rodan and fields vs mary kay

With its direct sales model, Mary Kay is a top beauty brand in nearly 40 countries. With almost 50 years of expertise helping women, entrepreneurship is carrying on the legacy that Mary Kay envisioned so many years ago. Rodan and Fields vs Mary Kay are raising MLM networks but we recommend you to join Mary Kay.

multi-level marketing plan (MLM)

Mary Kay’s cosmetics are sold through a multi-level marketing plan (MLM), with ‘beauty consultants’ hired to promote the company’s products directly to those in their local areas.

Mary Kay consultant

 If you want to start working as a Mary Kay consultant, you must first clear a few administrative hurdles. While being recruited by a current representative, you must sign the consultant agreement.

Skin types

 No doubt Mary Kay is making process day and night but if we consider Mary Kay vs Rodan and Fields, we come to a result that it totally depends on a user that either that person wants good skin appearance or skin health, no doubt both are good brands and absolutely based on different skin types, so one should consider all of the instructions before using any of them. Click here to read more skin care articles.

Family responsibilities

When you become a consultant, you become an independent judge of Mary Kay vs Rodan and Fields. If you have family responsibilities or work commitments that make other side hustles difficult to handle, you’ll discover that the independence of running your own business opens up real prospects for success that you might not have had otherwise.

Preference of mothers

 Many mothers prefer the notion of being an independent Mary Kay consultant so they can work around their children’s requirements. When their children are at school or at night, these experts teach skincare classes. 

Side profession

Others become Mary Kay consultants as a side profession to gain independence and make extra money. There are no prerequisites, and many successful consultants have no prior sales or cosmetics expertise.


 Consultants must make a modest investment and buy some products. They can receive additional training and advanced classes, such as audio and videotape classes. 

“Get Started” page

First of all, go to the “Get Started” page on the Mary Kay website. You’ll be asked to provide your zip code so that you can be contacted by a Mary Kay independent consultant who will talk to you about the company. 


If you wish to participate, your consultant will supply you with a consultant number. Mary Kay offers a substantial 50 percent commission on all goods.

Gross revenue commission

 This is a gross revenue commission that does not include the consultant’s marketing and business administration fees. They may hold sales or give price reductions for a short time. 


You will not be terminated by the company if you order within one year. If you want to make a few additional money, you may easily take a few more lessons and keep active at all times. 


And if you have worked in Mary Kay and then left and now you wanna rejoin it, contact any Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant to re-enroll and get a new startup kit to re-establish yourself as a consultant. If you have been inactive for more than a year, you are considered “terminated,” and you can restore your status as a consultant in one of two methods. 

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