How To Address Potentially Harmful Content On Your Instagram Feed And Stories?

Are you a new user of Instagram? We all know that Instagram has banned hashtags. And they are banned for some reason. The thing is that you should know the ways to avoid harmful content on this platform.

It is a duty of a user to keep Instagram safe for better use for all members. So, you should know how you can deal with potentially harmful content here.

Community Guidelines Update

Community guidelines from Instagram allow you to report certain posts that you think are inappropriate. This allows you to have better communication with the community and allow less disturbing content.

We will talk about all the types of content that are not allowed and all ways to get rid of them.

Bullying and Hate Speech

We all know that Instagram has been taking action to remove violence. So, there is a new tool from them to remove such speech.


If you are a celebrity or public figure, you must be aware of the online problems you face. So, you should try to manage your content the right way.

You can now use a filter that allows you to filter DMs for better. It diminishes the chances of you seeing abusive content in your DMs. So, you can add terms that you wish not to see in your direct messages.

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This means you do not have to see all the types of words that you would not like to see. You can turn on this filter that will contain a list of words that it can filter. Further, you can enhance the list by adding words by yourself.

The platform is also making sure that they do not get into your privacy with it. So, they do not see any of your messages; they just filter it.

Filtering Comments

Comments can be harmful to anyone’s personal and psychological life. So, Instagram does not allow such words in the comments anymore too. They also ensure full benefits as they allow you to get comments if you are a public account.

Moreover, they removed misspellings of offensive words. You can use this filter to be sure that no one uses offensive words for you in comments as well.

Explore Page

The explore page is one of the top and important features of Instagram. You can control it too. So, Instagram gave recommendation guidelines to allow better censorship. You will not see offensive posts from people you do not follow.

This means you can use this sensitive content control to get rid of such posts. So, you can select them for a better feed for your profile.

At the same time, Instagram tries to keep content safe for you with their automation. If their system detects something similar to what has been already harmful, they remove it. So, they ensure that you stay safe to optimum.

Unfollow Someone

Another thing that you can do to remove someone’s posts and stories showing up is to unfollow them. This method is helpful if you ever face someone trying to cause mental distress to you.

If their profile is a public one, you may see their posts if you ever wish to. For this purpose, you may visit their post to see what they are up to. If you are looking to beat a business competition, you can Buy Instagram Followers UK for better reach. It can be helpful to make your content more credible.

Final Thoughts

We talked about some of the top methods to get rid of the type of content you do not like. You can unfollow someone, report content and turn on filters.

These methods help you and your family stay safe. So, make sure that you take care of the content to be safe. Violence, sexually explicit, and harassing comments, posts, stories, and DMs can be filtered as well. So, make sure that you get rid of these problems.