How technology can help you with improving company culture

company culture

Due to the rapid development of technology, representatives of many professions can easily move to work from home. There can be a huge number of reasons for this: the creation of specialised remote teams, repairs in the office, or temporary measures to prevent viral diseases, as it is happening now.

 In light of recent events, even such a corporate giant as Google is sending its employees to the “remote location”. Many global companies, including Amazon and Facebook, are pursuing the same tactics. If you have already sent employees to work home or are just going, but you are concerned about your corporate culture and how to develop it – technology will come to help.

Innovative corporate culture

An innovative culture is based on six elements: resources, processes, values, behaviour, climate and success. These elements are interconnected. For example, company values influence both people’s behaviour, the climate in the workplace, and how success is defined and measured.  

Modern technology is a big step towards the progress and growth of the company. Not using them is tantamount to degradation. After all, competitors are already introducing modern technologies into their businesses. 

Companies that take advantage of new opportunities expand potential, customer loyalty, opportunities and prospects. 

 How to use technology to improve your corporate culture?

Correct communication

First of all, if you don’t have a good corporate culture, especially if you have remote employees, your communication suffers. Communication between employees as well as between the company and employees is very important.  You must develop a company intranet

Make sure to use proper and convenient communication channels that will allow your employees to feel involved and useful. That is a great opportunity for people to bond and exchange thoughts. You can use Skype, Slack, Zoom, Google Hangouts, or any other video conferencing tool. 

Improve yourselves together

Surely, your company has employees who are experts in a particular field and can conduct internal online training. Also, you can invite an outside coach on emotional intelligence, self-development, goal setting … The topic is not as important as the opportunity to give employees information for development without breaking their position in life.

People are a valuable part of a business, wherever they work. If, after stabilising the situation, you want to return as a competitive company, pay attention to the atmosphere and psychological factors in the team. These types of meetings can help in the formation of a close-knit team. On the contrary, even if with such a non-standard format of work, your company will be tested for the strength of corporate values.

New challenges

Online meetups, video lectures are interesting, but what about the practical application of the acquired skills? Many companies have focused on this and develop not only soft skills and hard skills, but also help maintain employee health. The easiest and most elementary way is to do daily exercises. A guest trainer or an enthusiastic employee will help you to cheer up at the start of the working day and not lose physical shape in 20 minutes in the morning. Yes, at first they may not support the idea, but as the practice has shown, the example is contagious.

Start traditions and rituals

Technologies can help you build new corporate rituals even if you work in different parts of the world. Just be creative. As we already mentioned – do morning exercises at Zoom. It is great for uniting and raising the corporate spirit. In addition, such an early warm-up helps to wake up and tune in to the working day, charges you with energy and a good mood, with which any task can be done.

Now, when it is undesirable to leave the house, physical activity is very useful. 

If your employees are not fans of sports, you can organise online quizzes or brainstorming. That is a great way to start your working day. 

Effective rallies

Changing something is not as easy as it seems at first glance, even when it comes to improvement. Don’t forget that it takes time to adapt and accept new technology, apps or programs. 

Change your company habits step by step. Make sure that you have your own rules and terms. What could be discussed at a meeting in the office can sometimes be decided by voting in a general chat or in a poll format. That way, everyone is included and up to date. You don’t always need calls as they really take a lot of time. Everything can be solved and decided in the messenger of your choice. 


 The corporate culture should be the same both when working remotely and in the field in the office. And even in a pandemic, this interaction and communication can be established.

Use the internet and technology in your favour. The development of corporate culture is undoubtedly an important aspect for the successful growth of a company. Don’t forget that the origins of corporate culture come from management and are communicated locally to employees through close, trusting communication.

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