How is Student Life in Dubai

Student Life in Dubai

In recent times, Dubai has emerged as one of the fastest and largest growing economy in the world. This metropolitan city features world’s best museums, art centers, beaches, restaurants and acknowledged Universities. Dubai is a fun place to live because it is a cosmopolitan city that allows all the individuals to practice any religion of their will and offers several houses of worship.

Comfortable Lifestyle

Dubai offers great comfort and leisure time to students who are in search of student accommodation Dubai as it provides them an international exposure and free will to live on their own terms. A wide variety of students from across the globe choose to study in Dubai because the UAE is considered one of the safest, diverse ,and most secure countries in the world.


Dubai is home to several international students and is a common meeting ground for different cultures living in collective harmony. The Universities offer courses in music and performance, fashion, culinary art, etc that bring the students much closer to stay peacefully. Dubai being the commercial epicenter, its universities provides work opportunities to both the on-campus as well as off-campus students for exploring their preferred domains.


The universities in Dubai offers several recreational activities to students under the student organizations which consists of members having the same interest for keeping them motivated throughout the course, it also accounts for socializing with each other in a completely different environment. Students can enjoy their stay in Dubai by choosing either going for city-sightseeing and desert safaris or indulging in water sports and diving.

Accommodations for International Students

The on-campus student accommodation dubai is much cheaper and safer, as universities in Dubai offer them a cost-effective living option. There are several companies that assist students in finding accommodations near the college. These accommodations are very comfortable and available at a cheap rate which makes them easily accessible by international students trying to live on a budget via financial aid supported by the college, university or government. These accommodations are also situated near the college and available at cheap rates which also reduces the commute time for students, therefore they should either rent an apartment or find sustainable accommodation with great facilities and food available.

Work and Study

The cost of living in Dubai is very expensive; therefore students should consider all the aspects regarding the student accommodation prior to choosing any specific location, such as the closest proximity from the University and nearby market. Students should resort to save their expenses on a daily basis to survive in an expensive city, and focus on living healthily and affordably.

Scholarships and Discounts

In Dubai students are subjected to several factors of concern, but there is a big relief for them when they come to know about the Students discount offers that are prevalent in the city. Several universities offer scholarships to students at every step of their career depending upon a certain number of qualification factors. Students have the liberty to apply for as many scholarships as they want but they are allowed only one scholarship at a given time.

So as you can already see, the life of students in Dubai is nothing short of extraordinary. The Universities here provide valuable degrees which will help you get a valuable job in the future, and the lifestyle is bound to make you fall in love with the city of Burj Khalifa.

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