How can you solve percentage problems using percentage calculator?

percentage calculator

There are some key factors which one should take into consideration while solving mathematical problems. We can take the example of percentage calculations. The manual method of calculating percentages does exist but it is time consuming. Even if you are dealing with easily divisible numbers, a considerable time frame would be required to get the answer. For instance, consider that you have to solve the percentage question written below.

15% of 1000

If you have a look at the number mentioned above, it is quite simple to solve. 1000 can be divided easily by 100 so you would not need to put in a lot of time or concentration. Even then, the use of a percentage calculator is a better alternative. Let us consider the following example to extract more clarity.

23% of 6599

If you perform a comparison between the two questions listed above, the second one is easier as compared to the first one. In the second question, you need to determine 23% of 6599. Through manual calculations, is not an easy task by any means. Thus, using an online percentage calculator is the better way out.

Easy way out for accurate answers

Even the most intelligent humans can make errors and during calculations, the risks are much higher. If you perform the division incorrectly, the eventual answer would be wrong. At times, mistakes are not identified even if comprehensive checking is done. Using the Prepostseo percent calculator is the best way out for users. It is possible to complete the calculations manually but this option carries the risk of calculation errors. On the other hand, with a percentage calculator, you get complete assurance about the accuracy of answers.

  • Users do not have the time to recheck percentages. Consider that a financial expert needs to calculate the profit percentage at the end of every three months. For him, getting correct values is absolutely essential. If any of the percentages are calculated incorrectly, correct picture of the earned profit would not be projected. For financial analysts and other working professionals, calculating percentages manually is a very tough task. These professionals do not have the time to complete each step manually and then determine the results. For such busy working personnel, using a quality percentage calculator is an easy way out that does not distort their timelines. Other than that, they do not have to worry about getting incorrect answers.

Beneficial for students and working employees

When students are studying mathematics at college and university, they are required to practice a lot so that their command on topics can strengthen. To solve multiple percentage problems in a small time slot, using an online calculator actually helps a lot.  Students do not have to perform any intermediate steps to get to the answer. They are only responsible for entering the input values and the calculator would do the rest. The calculation process is executed by these calculators and the results are generated in the easiest way. 

  • Consider that you are required to get the answers of the following questions in 15 minutes. During assignments, ending up with such timelines is a common challenge.
  1. 15% of 225
  2. 17% of 236
  3. 18% of 297

If you glance at the examples above, it is very much obvious that you cannot get to the correct results without using a technological tool. A percentage calculator does not get stuck like humans while performing calculations. Manually, if it takes five minutes to solve one question that has easy values. However, if you are using a percentage calculator, you can get done with five questions in the same time.

No apprehensions of paying any costs

Dealing with expensive paid tools can always be a problem. Most tools promising quality do not come for free. You need to pay a good sum of money to use them. Fortunately, when it comes to percentage calculators, they do not have any charges. These tools come for free and this is what users prefer. For them, there is nothing better than solving complex percentage problems without the hassle of facing financial burdens. If you have a quality calculator, you can solve complex problems even if you are not an expert at calculating percentages.

No need to be an expert mathematician

It is not easy to learn percentage formulae and use them with fluency. It takes a lot of time and most people struggle in achieving this goal. There is no point in taking so much stress on your head when there is an easy way out. If you use a good percentage calculator, you can calculate percentages without learning any step or memorizing formulae

  • The formulae for calculating percentages are incorporated in the online calculators. Thus, when you enter the input values, these formulae are used to generate the results. Everyone who needs to calculate percentages may not have the appropriate knowledge. These tools are very helpful for such users. For instance, marketing professionals need to calculate product profit percentages from time to time. For them, such tools work well as they cannot spend time on completing each step manually.


Percentage calculators are meant for various user types. If you are a student, you can use it to complete calculations involved in academic submissions. At times, assignment submissions are tough and students find it hard to get done with things on time. Hence, using a percentage calculator actually helps in saving long time slots. You can solve several questions at the same time correctly without ending up with mistakes. 

Percentage calculators are used online so can open the link from any device connected to the internet. No user would want to install an application and spend several hours before using it. This is what needs to be done when an offline tool is being used. These calculators perfectly well without any installations or downloads. From the perspective of the user, the biggest priority is getting correct answers without delaying the submission in any manner. These quality percentage calculators complete this requirement easily.

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