How Can Real Estate Benefit From Cloud Computing?

cloud solutions for real estate

Like in many other sectors, cloud computing is also growing in the real estate industry. It is because the real estate business is not just about a property anymore. The professional property dealers are seeking a competitive edge and customer satisfaction. Many managed service providers provide cloud solutions for real estate to increase productivity and streamline the process. According to real estate experts, around 80% of top real estate performers conduct their business on the cloud to use features like data storage, data mining, application management, and more.

The cloud computing technology allows real estate agents to access all the client’s information from anywhere, from any device. It also simplifies the overall process of buying and selling property and makes the life of reapers much easier.

The managed cloud computing services also decrease the operational cost of the real estate businesses. That’s why everything shifted on the cloud, and the real estate agent does not have to worry about maintaining and managing the in-house servers.

Before proceeding further, let us have a glimpse of cloud computing technology.

What Is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing was discovered by Joseph Carl Robnett Licklider in 1960 to connect people and devices via the internet. This technology enables the user to access the data and information remotely. Data storage also delivers a variety of other services over the internet, such as software management, networking, system monitoring, data backup and recovery, 24X7 help desk support, and much more. It’s a software-based technology that stores data on multiple servers delivered to users on demand. It maintains more than one copy of data on a minimum of three servers to safeguard it from cyber-attacks and other security threats.           

o Here are three service models of cloud computing -:

  • SaaS -: Software as a service
  • PaaS -: Platform as a service
  • IaaS -: Infrastructure as a service

Why Real Estate Businesses Are Moving To Cloud Platform

Due to the following reasons, real estate managers are choosing to work on cloud platforms -:

●    Improved Security

The real estate business revolves around data management. Therefore, it is crucial to maintain and manage credit scores, social security numbers, ID proofs, etc. of the clients. The clients of real estate dealers are not limited to 8 or 10; dealers have to simultaneously deal with hundreds of customers. It is not a cup of tea to maintain and manage the records of so many people. Therefore, a cloud solution for real estate is essential. The MSP manages and secure the sensitive information of their client’s and safeguard it from cybercriminals.

Besides this, MSP backs up all the clients’ crucial files, which can be recovered during the time of uncertainty and natural disaster.

●    Better Internal Collaboration

Cloud-based solutions make routine communication smooth and easy. The real estate agents do not need to do complex and daunting tasks like sending an attachment etc. , after subscribing to the cloud-based data support. The cloud service provider integrates all data-related operations into a single platform, so it’s become easy to handle two or three clients who are working on a contract.

●    Encourage Paperless

Cloud computing eliminates the use of physical documentation. This technology allows the property agent and dealer to create digital notes and share all the vital documents with the client in a fraction of seconds. It makes the filtration process easy and also reminds the user to do any pending documentation related tasks.

●    Saves Money

As has been discussed above, cloud technology excludes the use of physical servers in the workplace. If there is no server, you need not hire staff for their maintenance, and it can save up to 40% of data storage costs.

In Final Words

Opting for cloud computing services helps real estate agents to reach new heights in the business world. It will provide security to sensitive data and allow the staff to become more productive and efficient.

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