How are the planets and stars floating in the air?

planets and stars

Many questions – how are the planets and stars floating in the air?

Why are they revolving around the sun?

Why aren’t they dropping away or going away?

Why are these the phenomena of the ball or attraction-repulsion that we see around us?

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Today I will try to give a fairly detailed explanation of these. First of all, let’s talk about planets and stars. What do they have floating?

Many of us may have heard of Space-Time Curve. Many may understand something and some may not. Let’s understand the thing again.

Suppose you pull a thin sheet of rubber around a lot. Then it will look like a flat surface.

But if you put a ball weighing 1 kg or 600 grams in it now, then that ball will bend the sheet and make it look like a little hole.

Now the thing is, if you put a small marble somewhere just above or in the middle of that sheet, you will want to roll it and stick it with that 1 kg ball. 

Go to the source of speech. Just like water flows in a low hole.

However, in that sheet, if you can move a marble along a little horizontally, you will see that it will revolve for a long time.

Let’s see how it works on the planet. According to scientists, after the Big Bang, a sheet of the 4th dimension spread across our universe. 

On top of which everything in the universe is located. 

It is worth mentioning that this is a 4th level sheet that is non-abrasive and has been named Space-Time. 

So this sheet also works just like that rubber sheet.

For example, the heaviest object in our solar system is the sun. 

That is, the sun will bend the most space-time. 

And since all the planets, including the earth, are insignificant to the sun, they would all want to run towards the sun just as the marble wanted to be.

But many will question here, the marble once stopped and fell in the center. Then why the earth and other planets are not falling?

The answer is, since I mentioned earlier that space-time is a 4th dimension non-friction sheet, the Earth or other planets can rotate without friction.

Since they are spinning without friction, they are not losing their strength either. 

That is, there is no way for planets like marble to fall right into the center (there are differences of opinion).

As long as they have the sun, they will continue to orbit the sun in the same way, unless they are distorted by some great external force.

This is why it is said that the earth and other planets revolve in certain orbits. Because they have not been distorted yet. 

The Sun has more space-time left, so all those who have less mass than the Sun want to run towards the Sun and are circling in a circular or elliptical direction due to their previous primordial velocity.

This is exactly how natural satellites work. Such that the mass of the earth is greater than that of the moon. 

So the Earth has more space-time left than the Moon and as a result, the Moon is orbiting the Earth and the Earth is orbiting the Sun.

In explaining the rotation of this planet, we are given the explanations that the centripetal and centripetal balls are equal.

But why are the centripetal and centripetal balls equal? 

How is it equal? No one wants to explain these, no one gives. 

So, the root cause and the theory is the latest.

Now let’s come to the ball. We all know the names of the four basic balls. The gravitational force is one of them which is a weak force. Why is this gravitational force weak?

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