How the Pandemic Changed The Way of Recruiting

Pandemic Changed Way of Recruiting

The global COVID-19 pandemic has changed the business landscape in ways people have never imagined. Today, remote work, teleconferencing, and digital productivity tools have become a norm for millions of employees. 

At the height of the pandemic, human resources and recruitment sectors had to evolve to keep up with these challenging times quickly. They had to re-assess their talent acquisition strategies, benefits programs, and training and development policies. These modifications in HR procedures are expected to stick around even after the dust of the pandemic settles.

Now that businesses are starting to recover, there will be an influx of applicants and a shift in recruiting post-COVID. Companies must understand which of the following transformations in hiring and recruitment can still serve their purpose in the new normal.

Pandemic Changed Way of Recruiting

6 Ways Covid Has Changed How Companies Recruit Talent

Location is no longer a limitation

A 2018 study revealed that location is the most crucial factor that job applicants consider when looking for a job. Recruiters were limited to hiring talent within a small and specific geographical area. 

However, with the lockdowns and safety concerns brought about by the pandemic, many companies were forced to shift their operations online. This proves that location is not a hindrance for talent recruitment and several other business transactions. Companies can now recruit talent no matter where they live. 

This opens more opportunities to explore a vast talent pool without thinking about relocating or turning down qualified applicants due to geographical limitations.

There is a shift in demand for companies

In the past, professionals were more open to risks and the excitement of working for cutting-edge industries. However, the uncertainty brought about by the health crisis and the economic downturn has placed job security at the top of jobseekers’ priorities. Companies just starting are prone to losing top talent to more established businesses that offer more secure employment.

The changes in how people do business have also increased the demand in the technology and eCommerce sector. Professionals had more opportunities to learn new skills online, so shifting to these industries or functions has become more viable.

Technology now plays a crucial part in the hiring process

Virtual recruitment processes and video interviews have become part of the new normal in hiring and executive search. HR professionals used to rely on face-to-face interactions to effectively assess an applicant’s nonverbal behavior. Now, hiring experts had to adjust accordingly with the help of online recruiting assessment tools. Even forms and tests are accomplished online, so companies had to create appropriate materials for the situation. 

While navigating this new way of hiring may be difficult at first, it also brings some benefits to the table. Virtual processes can save companies and applicants time and money. It can also fast-track the recruitment cycle, which can increase work productivity. 

Positive company culture is now more vital than ever

Company perks such as complimentary snacks, onsite gyms, and ergonomic workspaces have taken a back seat during the pandemic. The physical workplace no longer matters as much as having a positive company culture. Even if interactions are now limited to virtual meetings, it will help if companies continue to foster compassion, support, and empowerment. 

Whether physical or virtual, a positive work environment will allow businesses to recover from the pandemic more effectively. Remember that when people are happy with their jobs, they are more productive. Now is the time to rethink your company values and initiatives. Try to focus on creating a more collaborative environment. 

Professionals are redefining their purpose

The work-from-home situation gave professionals time to think about their career path and its impact on their lives and society. There will be a shift in mindset as they reflect on what’s essential in life. 

Some of these professionals may want to give more time for family, community service, self-care, and personal endeavors. The HR sector must prepare for the wave of professionals seeking a change in their jobs or functions. 

Company reputation will be a crucial factor in attracting top talent

Candidates can now easily research for information about a company’s pandemic response and their working conditions. People will remember businesses that positively impacted their employees and communities during these challenging times.  A company’s present reputation will determine its ability to attract and retain top talent in the future. 

Embracing Change: Post-COVID Recruiting Strategies

Change is inevitable. The key to ensuring success amidst these trying times is to welcome emerging technologies and hiring methods. There is no turning back to the old work life, and perhaps that’s a good thing. The transformations we are witnessing can be catalysts for a more collaborative and meaningful workplace. 

To jumpstart your company’s foray into the new normal, understand how other organizations adapt to the situation and see what you can do for your business. 


Amidst the changes in the business industry, one thing is certain: companies will always need talented people. Throughout the time of the pandemic, businesses and recruitment sectors were bound to quickly reconstruct their hiring and training strategies. 

Author Bio: 

Regina de Rosario is from Booth & Partners, a Seattle-based company with operations in the Philippines. With a solid background in conducting interviews with multiple candidates to identify the one with the most potential. Hired over 100 applicants for positions in dozens of industries and campaigns, at levels ranging from interns to upper-level management. Excellent communication abilities, including written and oral, professional and interpersonal. Highly organized and is able to complete several complicated administrative tasks simultaneously. 

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