How Often Do Hotels Replaces The Old Mattresses?

Replaces The Old Mattresses

You don’t feel like leaving the bed every time you visit a hotel room, right? It happens to all because of the high-quality, comfortable hotel mattresses. It feels so soft that we wish to jump on it, sleep more, and stay in bed all time. But have you ever thought about why every hotel has such a soft, comfortable mattress?

Hotels want us to have a comfortable stay, so they keep soft and high-quality mattresses. But one of the main reasons is that most hotels often replace their mattresses to give us that comfort. Usually, in our homes, we make use of mattresses for a significantly long time.

But do you know how often hotels replace old mattresses? The heavily occupied hotels replace their mattresses in almost 3 to 5 years. Those hotels with less occupancy replace it every 7 to 10 years.

These hotels spend a lot on buying these soft innerspring mattresses to provide comfort. While some of the hotels in Ottawa connect with Mattress Disposal Ottawa to throw them away. But many hotels get them recycled with the help of mattress recycling units in Ottawa.

What Happens to These Old Mattresses Disposed Of By Hotels?

The hotel industry is vast, and when it comes to old mattress disposal, they contribute a lot to it. As we already know, these hotels often replace old mattresses. The question is where these old mattresses go.

Well, there are multiple ways these hotels dispose of old mattresses. It depends on the hotel to hotel, as they all have their policies for mattress disposal. Let’s know about a few of them.

Call Junk Removal Service – Many hotels simply put the old mattresses in the junk. By calling Junk Removal Near Me, they get it disposed of easily. These junk removal companies pick up old mattresses from hotels themselves.

So one doesn’t need to hire vehicles to take them to the junkyard. The junk removal companies dispose of these mattresses in an eco-friendly way. Or, at times, they check the quality of the old mattress and recycle them if possible.

Donate Old Mattresses – Hotels remove old mattresses to maintain the quality of the service they are offering. But that doesn’t mean that those mattresses are of no use or bad quality, as almost every hotel only invests in high-quality mattresses.

So, if the mattress is still in good condition, many hotels prefer to donate it. Some hotels do have their recycling units as well. They recycle old mattresses and then donate them.

Recycle and sell them – Most hotels go for recycling when it comes to mattress disposal in Ottawa. You will find many companies that provide recycling services for mattresses in Ottawa. Connecting with these companies makes it easier for these hotels to get old mattresses and recycle and sell them. At times, they are recycled into small mattresses only. Or they are recycled to form pillows, mats, and carpets.

Dispose of old hotel mattresses with the help of a mattress disposal service

Now you know how to dispose of the old mattress in your hotel. Connect with a reliable mattress disposal Ottawa and dispose of it in an eco-friendly way. You can also contact junk removal near me, which offers environment-friendly disposal or recycling service for old mattresses.