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Ruby is one of the best and coveted gems in the world. It needs no introduction. Rich people mostly wear this gemstone along with diamonds to enhance their appearance.

Ruby gemstone is also called ruby ​​in Hindi. Buying this gem is a matter of pride and honor in Indian culture because of its value. It is always associated with love and passion. It has a gorgeous red color and mesmerizing glow.

Ruby has a special place in many cultures of the world. For example, in Indian culture, it is believed to bestow professional success, wealth, health, etc.

This gemstone is considered best for those born in the month of July. In the Bible, the ruby ​​stone is mentioned 4 times. It can be given to anyone on the 15th or 40th anniversary of marriage.

Let us now come to the topic of the cost of rubies. The price of ruby ​​stone mainly depends on the color, carat, its origin etc.

Factors Affecting Ruby ​​Price In India?

Ruby is a special member of the mineral family. The gem is available in many shades of red. It is also known as “king of gemstones”. Don’t pay a high price for a piece of low quality gemstone. These are some of the reasons that define the price of red gemstone which are mentioned below:


Most of the high quality ruby ​​gemstones are found in countries like Myanmar, India, Madagascar, Tanzania, Africa, Mozambique and Afghanistan. These are countries for better choices. You can buy low quality and low price gems from Thailand. Thailand is the cheapest option for a low-priced ruby ​​gemstone.

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Color plays an important role in influencing the price of any gemstone. We know that rubies are found in color from light red to dark red.

The most valuable rubies range in color from medium red to deep red. So, basically the more intense the color and the darker the red color the higher the cost of the red gemstone. The analysis of color is done on three things which are Hue, Tone and Saturation. 


We know that the primary color of a ruby ​​is red. On the other hand, the secondary color ranges from orange to purple to pink. The most valuable gemstone having a bright purple and red color is called “blood red ruby” or “pigeon blood red ruby”. This type of gemstone is the best selling ruby ​​of the gemstone. The red ruby ​​color is available in shades like orange, purple or pink.


The saturation of a gemstone tells us the depth of its colors. In the case of a ruby ​​stone, the saturation will tell the depth of its color.

I have said many times in this blog that the price of a red ruby ​​stone determines the intensity. A bright ruby ​​has a good saturation of colors which directly increases its cost.


This gemstone comes in Type II clarity. In Gemstones Universe all have some flaws like crystals, inclusions, fingerprints, feathers or silk appearance. Ruby gemstone with transparent clarity, no inclusion is quite rare in nature and thus very expensive. The inclusion of rubies in the gemstone hinders the clarity or transparency of the gemstone. There are three types of clarity available in the market:

  • VVS  (very very small) Clarity
  • VS (very slight) Clarity
  • SI (Slightly Included) OR I (Included ) Clarity


Tone also plays an important role in the price of ruby. Tone basically refers to the level of darkness. The tone ranges from dark to light. And high quality gems are considered in a deep red tone. Dark red colored gemstones can make a ruby ​​opaque.

What is the cost of ruby in India?

The rubies found in India are mostly dark in color and some are opaque. Transparent ruby ​​gemstones are present in small quantities in India. The cost of rubies ranges from $4 to $10 per carat.

The price of ruby ​​gems is not as high as in other countries which can go above $10. India is a supplier of premium quality Ruby Gemstones. India is a major market for good quality gems, hence it has a good reputation in the market.

Ruby gemstones have a wide range of color, luster and clarity gemstone in some mines in India. The color of this gemstone can vary from light red to dark red. Budget-friendly jewelry is made from ruby ​​gems that are sourced from India.

The Last Words

There are many gem shops around the world which are famous for low price but high quality gems. They sell 100% natural ruby ​​gems. But always buy high quality ruby ​​gemstones only from specialist gemologists. They can also provide different colors, carats at low cost. In this blog you will have to know about the cost of 1 carat ruby ​​gemstone in India. All of the geologists have certification that prove that the gemstones that are selling are real and not created in the lab. 

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