How Marriage Bureau and Matrimony Sites Saves Your Valuable Time and Effort

Marriage Bureau and Matrimony Sites

Time is money and the biological clock age of grooms and bride is clicking, so we cannot afford to lose time or effort for searching for a good life partner. When the brides and grooms are searching for a spouse they are also focusing on their career, education and upgrading their skills. So, they want a solution that can help them find the right partner quickly with minimum effort.

Online marriage bureau saves time and effort by presenting them with multiple prospective at the click of a button. Technology and acceptance of technology and widespread use of mobile and internet to help in this function of doing preliminary searches and narrowing down based on their partner preferences has helped many. This reduces time and effort to find the first prospective, talk to them and then easily validate the match and then move to meeting or sending further proposals.

We are no longer thinking local, we are ready for global searches for spouses and marriage partners and willingness to relocate and look for greener pastures has increasingly made searching via online matrimonial sites more fruitful.

NRI from Canada, USA, UK, Germany, Singapore, Oman, Nepal, South Africa, Italy, Norway, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Switzerland and other countries are willing to look for international grooms and brides, willing to settle together based on mutual benefit in different countries.

The current trends with mobile apps are making it easy to view prospects, send proposals, and look for partners on the Go.

The support staff with service nature at the Art of Living Matrimony is ready and committed to help members from across the globe and search on their behalf and talk on their behalf to ensure acceptance and motivate to take the right decision in time. 

  • Finding your wedding partner is a breeze using the matrimonial profile search The moment a millennial bride or groom decides to get married, the first step is to register and do a free profile search and check on the prospective listing.  This can be done in a matter of hours. This gives them a good idea on what kind of profiles are available. When they do this more often at their travel time they get to view more profiles and gets them to have a clear idea on what is available.
  • Profile validation: The marriage bureau does basic minimum validation such as age validation, photograph validation and some teacher references, mobile and email contact details validation. This validation ensures age is correct and they are contacting the right person and they are talking to the person whom they have seen on the online profile.  
  • Matchmaking is a tedious process, the matrimony website suggests matches based on Religion, caste, location, family status, height, annual income.  There are many other factors such as occupation educational background and other factors that can be narrowed down on searches within minutes, there are many who would prefer to have a certain healthy lifestyle such as eating vegetarian food, not drinking, not smoking etc. Here within matter of minutes you will be able to get such a match.
  • Vedic Horoscope Matching: You can request for a vedic match and this will let you know if the match will be good for you emotionally, Physically and will be satisfying will bring in good luck and satvik environment.  Usually you might contact an astrologer pay him some amount and take some 20 to 100 possible matches and the astrologer manually matches the same. This is time consuming and frustrating at times.  This process can happen in a few minutes in the online Vedic matching site.
  • Retaining quality and assurance matters. Trust and lifelong partnership with the family they are getting married to matters a lot. The Art of Living family can bring together that trust and references from teachers and quality matchmaking helps you with assured quality match.
  • Art of Living devotee family match: Most of the followers of the Art of Living will have preference for an Art of Living Groom or boy who has not only completed courses but has stood the test of time and has been an ardent follower of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and their family members follow the basic tenets of the Art of Living. Where else will it be easier to get a well settled boy from an Art of Living family other than the Art of Living Matrimony website.  A devotee girl, a teacher from the Art of Living can be easily spotted in the matrimonial App within minutes from the Art of Living Matrimony App.


With the help of automation, easy access on mobiles, teacher references, Vedic Astro matches, quality, trust it has become easy, simple, to find for a good well qualified, settled groom and good well settled self-sufficient bride from the Art of Living Family.

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