How Many Ghats In Varanasi And Which You Must See

varanasi ghats

There are many places to visit in Varanasi but the main attraction of Varanasi is the ghats there. All those ghats are looked after by Maratha Union defenders and professionals. There are many ghats which are associated with the historical period and mythology, while there are some ghats which have private ownership established on the pandas. 

A boat ride on the ghats in the morning or even in the evening is the center of attraction for all the tourists visiting there. Let us now know about the 8 Ghats which are the main centers of Varanasi.

Main 8 Ghats of Varanasi

● Assi ghats

Ghat is a main and beautiful ghat for the tourist. This is the place where the river Ganges meets the river Assi. This ghat is located at the very corner of the city, so it is not overcrowded like other ghats. All pilgrims bathe in the Ganges before worshiping Lord Shiva at this ghat which is important for Hindus. There, Lord Shiva sits in a huge linga form under a peepal tree nearby.

● Chet Singh Ghat

A historical legend is hidden behind Chet Singh Ghat. In the 18th century, when the British rule was on Varanasi, the British fought with Chet Singh Maharaj. During that time, the British captured Chet Singh in the fort built on this ghat and captured the fort. Later Chat Singh escaped from thereby making his turban rope.

● Dashashwamedh Ghat

It is said that this ghat of Varanasi is the center and most attractive place of Varanasi. According to mythology, Lord Brahma constructed this ghat to welcome Lord Shiva. The beauty of this ghat is such a supernatural that anyone can come here and sit for hours and do not get bored at all. Pilgrims get the unique experience of Ganga Aarti here every morning and evening. Explore Varanasi cities and ghats via Maharajas Express Indian Panorama. Do you know about this train? Mahrajas Express is a very expensive train in India which is know as a world’s leading luxury train provide world class facilities onboard the train. You can check the route map of maharajas express to know its destination covered during the journeys.   

● Darbhanga Ghat

This DarbhangaGhat is very famous and attractive for its architecture. DarbhangaGhat, one of the most attractive and impressive ghats in Varanasi, is a grand palace hotel in which travelers can stay. It was built by a royal family of Bihar in the early nineteen hundred.

● Scindia Ghat

This ghat is one of the most beautiful and quiet places in Varanasi. To make this ghat even more beautiful, the Shiva temple present on this ghat is partially submerged in water.

● Bhonsle Ghat

This beautiful ghat, built by the Maratha King Bhosle of Nagpur, is an important attraction center of Varanasi. It is an attractive building made by beautiful stones.

● Man Mandir Ghat

This ghat, built by Rajput Maharaja Man Singh Jine was called Maharaj of Jaipur, is like a beautiful palace, its architectural art attracts everyone else.

● Manikarnika Ghat

Manikarnika Ghat is also considered as a cremation ground. It is said that according to Hinduism, the person who gets salvation here is left from the cycle of birth and death.

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