How Many Captcha Are There? A Simple Guide to Captcha Types

2 Captcha

You know the captcha or Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart, quite a mouthful name for an internet security tool. This is the most common way to make the website secure from spammers and hackers. You know those distorted words and letters that appeared as images.

These captchas were introduced in the late ’90s and they were an instant success and they were then widely used around website owners. However, they got harder over time so the Captcha solving service was introduced such as 2 Captcha to get the Captcha solved without any problem. However, not every Captcha type will require you to use a 2captcha bot. If this sounds interesting to you then continue reading the following to learn about different Captcha types.

Different Captcha Types

Not all Captcha are equal some may be too easy, some may be too annoying and some are designed by Satan himself to torture the users, no seriously they are too hard that will only be solved by the 2captcha API Such as:

Mathematic Equation Captcha

This is another most common type of Captcha that we all have been through. This type of Captcha has different variants such as there can be a simple equation “2+2=?” which shouldn’t be a big of a deal to any user if they are real and not spambots. However, some users have reported that there are some ridiculous algebraic equations as Captcha that you have to solve to go further. This type of Captcha can be easy and can get annoying where you may have to use 2captcha API to solve such Captcha type.

Biometric Lock

If you are using any modern mobile device such as phones or tablets then you are familiar with this because modern mobile devices and even laptops and PCs come with some type of biometric. This has made the security of the devices very efficient and in the future, there is a huge probability that they even become a Captcha type as well where the mobile version of websites and forums may require to go through biometric security to gain access. Though this is relatively new it has potential.

Honey Pot Captcha

This is the captcha type that doesn’t disturb the user experience and instead, it just focuses on the bot users. In this Captcha type, users will not know where the Captcha is because the trick is there will be a field on the web page that will be intentionally left empty by the developers. The thing is, bots are often designed to tick any empty spaces on the page and these spaces in such Captcha types will be monitored by the AI behind.

If there would be a human user then he will not have any idea about the spaces but if they are ticked by the bots then they will be banned immediately from that website. This Captcha type is often user-friendly because users will not have to use any help from 2captcha but they will not have to get worried about any interruption from Captcha as well.

Word Captcha Type

This is perhaps one of the most common and basic Captcha types. In this Captcha type, you will get to recognize the words and letters that will be distorted and you will have to find the right one. At first, they used to look simple and easy to solve but over time the design got quite difficult and not only for bots but for the human users as well. This is a Captcha type where users are more likely to be using the 2captcha bot because these Captcha are often hard to read for the user with vision impairments.

Audio Captcha Type

This is another Captcha type that either comes alone or comes with the word Captcha. This Captcha comes with an audio clip that you will have to find the right words to solve the Captcha. Though this Captcha is fairly easy to use with a hearing disability may find it hard to complete the Captcha which is quite a frustrating situation.

Invisible Recaptcha

This Captcha is similar to Captcha but it doesn’t offer any picture puzzle, words or letter, audio clip, or tick box but this Captcha is there to provide the users a seamless experience. It will just be there in the corner of the page and it is not clear that how does this Captcha work but it works. It is thought it observe the user’s behavior. Though it is doing a good job to get the things done chances are, there will be a time that these Captcha will be outsmarted by the bots.


This is perhaps one of the best Captcha types out there. This comes with images and instructions such as math the images or moves the items in the picture and alike. Such as a picture of the basketball and its basket and Captcha will ask you to put the ball in the basket to complete the captcha.

The good thing about this task is that users will not have to worry about completing it unless there is a mistake in understanding the task also, no 2captcha API will b used to complete the Captcha. On the other hand, the bots cannot person such activity which makes this Captcha type a great option in the terms of security. Because of such convenience, this Captcha type is great for users who don’t want a frustrating experience.

Time-Based Captcha

Even in their simple form, they are considered to be the hardest one for the users. Mainly because, they have to be solved in the given time and if a user is unable to complete it in the given time, they will have to complete it again. There can be words to match or pictures and maybe some cod typing tasks. Usually, the time limit is enough for a general user, and because the bot cannot understand the situation they may remain in the limbo of trial and error.

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