How important is the location while purchasing a house?

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No matter which property you purchase or at what cost, picking the ideal location is crucial. If you buy a house to rent out, or even if you buy it for yourself, the location will determine how the property performs in the future. When buying a house, choosing the perfect location is even more crucial because that is where you and your family will go to enjoy your holidays or leisure time, and choosing the wrong location may ruin the entire experience. If you want to buy house in Coonoor, the only major thing you need to consider is the location because that is the crux of the whole property in the hills. Your house will be more in demand and maybe ask for a higher selling price if it is situated in an attractive location. The appeal and demand for a similar property situated in an undeveloped location will not be nearly as great.

There are a few things you must consider while buying a house in India which we will discuss in this article.

Distance of location from important services

Whenever you are thinking of buying a house, make sure it is in proximity to important services like hospitals, schools, colleges, shopping malls, petrol pumps, Railway and Metro stations, Airports etc because if everything is far away, not only you will face a lot of troubles while staying in that house but will also degrade the value of the property. Also, if you live far away from these services, you will always waste a lot of time driving to these services which will increase your cost of living. If these services are nearby from your home, it will make your life very easy as you will never have to drive too far to avail any of these services and your property value will always be at peak. 

Safe and secured neighbourhood

Everybody in this world wants a safe and secure environment for themselves and for their children wherever they choose to buy a house and if you are looking for a safe neighbourhood, you are not doing anything wrong. Many real estate agents sell houses without telling anything about unsafe neighbourhoods and the house owner has to suffer for the lifetime living in that environment. It is always better if you enquire about the localities from real estate agents as well as the local people so that you and your family members could enjoy a stress-free stay in your new home.

Future value of the house

The importance of location is one of the most crucial things which decides the actual future value of the house. Anybody who buys a property in any location is always worried about the potential of the property in future and that decides the price and the interest of the buyer of that particular property. A property which doesn’t have a good future value will never be in limelight and could be sold at discounted rates so that the buyers are lured just by looking at the price of the property. There are many factors which decide the future potential of the property and since location is one of the prime factors, you must always make sure that you choose the best possible location so that you can always sell your property in future at a higher value as compared to what you have paid. 

Consider future development

Facilities of the future are just as important as the present ones. Plans for public infrastructure such as schools, hospitals, transportation, and other facilities can significantly raise local property prices so a property can be purchased even if it shows good future development signs.