For so many years, the Railway industry has experienced the different hustles of managing N’ number of assets and properties. The cluster complex culture of the Railway system industry must need collaboration tools and a significant way to perform their job on the right-time line.

Implementing and following CMMS Asset Management enhances the Railway industry work culture and overcomes asset handling and maintenance challenges, which improves the internal/external service and modernizes the system with IoT (Internet of Things), automating the workflow process.

What is TeroTAM Asset Management Software? For the Railway Industry?

The TeroTAM Asset Management Software AI-based application manages the physical assets using GPS/GSM, RFID, NFC, and Beacon device technology using the TeroTAM application. Approaching this cloud technology helps the maintenance teams, service technicians, and supervisors track location and secure assets in/outside premises. Choosing this cloud-utility solution optimizes the asset allocation, inventory management, monitoring, securing, and asset maintenance software can do working status through a single source application.

This Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) is a flexible product to ensure deliverables, depreciation, accountancy, and auditing operations can be done seamlessly.

The challenges experiencing Current Railway Industries:

  • Proper Assets utilization
  • Asset early depreciation
  • Random assets location
  • Unrecognization of assets and assign
  • Service Provider Management
  • Asset auditing
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Multiple assets data Integration

Asset tracking solution is very important in the railway industry because of the following reasons:

Asset Maintenance:

Assets maintenance is an essential aspect of the railway industry because of engaging with frequent operations and services. Hence, it required several tools and equipment to accomplish the job. Meanwhile, the result of these expensive tools and machinery makes it difficult to recognize each asset and allocated person.

Like this, improper maintenance leads to extra expense for requesting repairs and services and decreases lifespan. So Asset maintenance software can proactively perform that across the challenge. Asset tracking software does the job effectively by collecting asset data, protecting tools, finding live location broadcasting, scheduling maintenance, preventive activities, and alerts with one solution.

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Analytics and Dashboards

Asset Tracking Software helps optimize your investment process by automating key performance indicator tasks, including collecting, maintaining, service, accountancy, and using personal assets. With this software solution, you can leverage artificial intelligence to improve the accuracy of your financial plans by obtaining clear data insights.

One of the most significant benefits of a Cloud-based asset tracking software solution is that it will automate maintenance and workflows and increase efficiency across the entire investment process, from asset management to investment strategy, risk manage,ment and compliance reporting.

This comprehensive data makes it easy for managers to quickly review the ongoing processes and prioritize tasks, maintenance, service, assets availability, and more. Also, by using mobile applications, admins, and technicians get notifications to enhance the workflow.

Asset Inventory

Following assets, inventory is essential in the railway industry. This inventory may include calculating the tools, machines, equipment, and hardware. By following this inventory technique, accurately know the availability of raw materials and stocks to maintain enough resources for the industry to stop productivity lag.

This automated inventory process centralizes the organization’s raw material and tools data to purchase new assets or get service from an external source. By following, it will never mismatch the data with accountancy to maintain the organization running financially smoothly and avoid over expenses.

IoT-Based Security, Tracking, Monitoring

The exclusive feature of TeroTAM Asset management enables the IoT solution for monitoring and reporting asset data with credible information. In addition, it comes with the RFID and GPS tags technology to integrate data with web and mobile application systems. These AI-Solutions help get new data on cargo, containers, fuel transportation, and raw materials supply.

Including this solution, users can get critical information on temperature, shock, tamper, moisture, tilt condition, and air quality for security and protecting railway goods and transportation.

Improve Railway asset’s life span

It is essential to consider improving the railway is revenue when asset life is extended or the reach exceeds the time, which brings the expected profits to the organization. When the assets maintenance plan executed perfectly, it improves the life span by conducting scheduled maintenance and service. Intelligent asset maintenance ensures performing operations work appropriately with the expectations without fail. Also helps to make the right decision to repair or replace assets for a suitable budget plan.

Rundown Lines

The excellence of TeroTAM Asset Tracking software crosses the challenges of the railway industry and gears up productivity and efficiency by process digitalization improving the best asset utilization, tracking, recording, reporting, auditing, and more with the web-based application control system.

It is a high-end designed framework for professionally managing assets and railway organization and makes standard practice and best value add to the running ROI. To know more about how our Asset Tracking solutions are helpful to Railway industries, reach us at [email protected]

By Anurag Rathod

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