How Hard is it to Create a native App?

Mobile app development companies

Developing a mobile app in today’s time is very common as well as important and it is on the top priority of mobile app development companies. Apps can be created on any platform whether it is android, iOs, or windows it depends upon the trends and company on which platform they develop their app.

Mobile app development companies also provide mobile application development services so that they can solve the error or bugs if any after the app is live or even when it is being developed.

Mobile app development companies

The app which runs on just one platform is known as “Native app” and the app which runs on all platforms is known as “Hybrid app”. In native apps, if an app is created in android then it will work only on the android platform and vice versa but in the hybrid app if the app is developed in iOS it will run on all the platforms.

Developing a native app is the formation of software programs that run only on a specific platform on which it is developed. You can build your native app for desktop, Smart TVs, and almost all kinds of gadgets, and mostly it is made for smart phones.

What do you mean by native app development?

Like websites and web applications native apps don’t run on web browsers. You need to install it from their platform store such as the apple store or google play store. After you install the app you can easily open it or use it by clicking on the logo of the app on your device.

Native app development needs more technologies as compared to web applications. You can use the features of mobile OSs to deliver the user experience and implement the functionalities of your app.

Is it really hard to make a Native App?

Developing an app is hard or not; it not only depends upon the complexity of the app which shows difficulty it also depends on the product which you have dreamed of. There are different stages involved in the development of a native app like gathering the usable mobile app prototype is one thing, creating a full finished multi-platform app ready for customers is a whole different thing. There are no extra steps but the hardest steps are in the second half of the development process.

Mobile app development companies follow the given below steps for native app development.

Research and pre-planning:

This step defines the purpose of the app and planning before starting to develop the app. You also need to focus on purpose like targeted market, platform. You also need to research competitors.

Mental prototyping or sketching:

This is the step where you will make a rough map of how your app will be working. This includes framing and bordering the app, and figuring out the design of your app.

Assessment of technical feasibility:

Apps have a lot of technical requirements. Before you build an app you need to look into a backend system whether it supports your app or not.


Prototyping acts as proof of your concept of your app model and tests your model. This step can vary depending on how you choose the model.

How to make a native app

To build any app not only native apps but any apps need some knowledge in technical fields and mostly in coding. You can make your app by own if you know how to make the app otherwise you can also learn it online. But for the final product, you need to know about coding.

If you want to develop your native app and you don’t have any knowledge about coding then the first step you must follow is joining coding classes. There are many online education apps that can help you learn about coding. They also have tie-ups with the universities which provide you the certificate once you complete your course.

Primary coding skills are never enough for developing a commercial website or app for adding some reference images in your app and make your app look attractive to the users. You also should have ideas about UI/UX design. If you want to develop your app in both android and iOS then you need to learn both platforms or you can hire an android or iOS developer.

Benefits of Native App development

Better performance

Native apps directly interact with APIs and without depending upon the middleware. As there are no more dependencies the performance of native apps is faster and it is responsible than hybrid apps. This is important for games and heavy graphic applications.

Consistent look and feel

Software development kits are used to develop the native apps, their user interfaces look consistent with the platform. This makes sure that there is a better user experience as there is no variation between OS and app design.

Immediate access to the new feature

Native mobile apps can instantly accept the new updates in iOS and Android features. But web technologies can’t rapidly accept APIs. Native apps have to wait for the plugins that have access to the new features.


This app gives you a complete idea about the native app, how to develop a native app, is it hard to build a native app or not everything. This blog will help you if you want any information about the native app or develop a native app.

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