food insecurity

The concept of food delivery app is nothing new to be experienced during Coronavirus and is a result of necessity. A harsh core fact suggests; before COVID-19 hit, 4.4 million Canadians faced food insecurity. And this inadequate or irregular access to food due to financial constraints has brought the need to embrace the digital revolution.

food insecurity

How food insecurity has impacted Canadians?

Poverty and food insecurity affect millions of Canadians, and these issues were already rising much before the virus. And after outbreak has made an evil entry on a global scale, these issues have reached another level. The struggle to put food on the table for one in eight Canadians is a real struggle. Canadians who are facing such tumultuous situations are increasing in number, as there have been job lay-offs, unemployment, and people unable to get paid full.

On the other hand, people often feel shame and stigma when they ask for help, and the old-age people or individuals who can’t afford healthy food suffer more from physical and mental health problems. Due to such an issue, it has become very evident for people to feel more isolated and fragmented. The precarious employment and the closure of many businesses resulted in the rise of the number of Canadians, who would require emergency food in the coming weeks. Hence, a robust plan to address these issues needs to be considered.

Goodfood is creating a difference!

The online grocery and meal-kit startup Goodfood is a Montréal-based market, that has signed a lease for a new first fulfillment centre in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). This is the country’s 3rd operating location outside of Québec and has come into existence after the demand for online grocery delivered directly to customers’ doors has seen an upsurge.

With this move, Goodfood has decided to hire more than 300 new employees, and it is expected that orders will start to roll-out before the end of May. Indeed, this lease will let startup to grow its capacity and expand its operations countrywide. And it is expected that by 2021, the company shall operate with a larger fulfillment center in Toronto.

Also, to help combat this issue, Goodfood has initiated an access fund as well. This fund aims to offer emergency relief to Canadians during this time of national crisis. And offering support to children, single parents, Indigenous people, seniors, and those on disability supports. With this fund, 183 Good Food Organizations and 13 Community Food Centres working on the frontlines in 175 communities across Canada, can easily purchase food and supplies for those who require them most.

How this move will help Canadians amid pandemic?

As there is a triggered penetration of online grocery in Canada due to pandemic, such centre will provide a platform to provide a facility to current and future members in the GTA and Southern Ontario. Also, with this move, it is clear that the online grocery industry will see a boom amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

How will COVID-19 affect food insecurity in Canada?

Covid-19 has brought a change in the way we all live and handle our tasks during the pandemic. And this has been applied to the working pattern of Canadians as well. As there are not enough hours and not enough benefits to run a full family in Canada, it becomes a concern to fulfill the food demand.

Also, due to COVID-19 spread in Canada, provincial governments have ordered non-essential businesses to close, forcing mass lay-offs, which has led to over 1 Million Canadians applying for unemployment insurance in March only.

How online grocery apps are helping customers?

No doubt, the demand for online grocery apps, are a strong uptick during the COVID-19 outbreak. And this digital revolution has transformed the way Canadians are shopping for groceries now and in the future. The successful implantation of such apps is offering services with Canadians to access their demands at the click of their smartphones.

When Goodfood was established?

In the year 2014, Goodfood was conceptualized under the original name Culiniste, by Ferrari and Cuggy, who worked as investment banking analysts at RBC Capital Markets. In 2016, the company decided to rebrand itself under the Goodfood name. And in June 2017, it became publicly traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

To start with, the startup was based on preparing meal kits delivered to subscribers. However, since then it has expanded its offering and included ready-to-eat meals, grocery items, and breakfast products in their services.March 2020 witnessedGoodfood launching a partnership with the University of Montreal Health Centre Foundation, which helped in supplying medical personnel and volunteers with a variety of Good Food meals.

Is food insecurity a real thing in Canada?

It is a known fact that much before COVID-19 hit, millions of Canadians faced food insecurity, and couldn’t access food to financial uncertainty at their end. However, with the invasion of deadly virus, this situation has only tuned into a national disaster, where people don’t have means to suffice their food demands. No doubt, there are many organizations and government agencies are trying their best to resolve the issues. However, despite putting the best efforts by the government, there are many

chances for people to face scarcity of food, hence there needs to be a system that addresses the need of the hour.

Here, food centre effort by online food startup GoodFood will be a blessing. It is a powerful way to connect with people as well. This step has brought a significant change in the transformation, wherein people are eating, meeting their neighbors and they feel less isolated when they are connected with the centre chain.

New fulfillment centre; an ‘opening for transformative change’

Food centres and programs are bringing a significant change in Canadians life with online grocery app. Now it has become possible to take care of the health and well-being of low-income individuals and help communities thrive.

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