How filament lamp wire works and its best use?

lamps wire

What is the lamp’s wire?

Lamps wire are small pieces of wires fixed inside the lamps and help in glowing, producing light. They are the primary source of producing light, and no lamp could glow without them. Actually, lamp wires are designed to face the heavy flow of voltage and produce up to a great extent. There are many types of lamps wire.  A few of the lamps use thin wires ranging from 14 to 22 gauge. On the other hand, few commercial lamps use a mixture of gases and vaporized mercury bulbs. 

What are the types to know further about Lamps wire?

Actually, different types of bulbs exist nowadays, with different colors, designs, shapes, and styles. The purpose and light color of each bulb tell us about its usage and functions properly. Here in this article, we will discuss its glow function, types, shapes, and usage. In 1879, a well-known scientist named Thomas Edison, after a series of experiments, introduced bulb filament. Such filaments are also known as lamps in the modern era. So, if we talk about lamps, there are two major types of lamps.

  1. Table lamps
  2. Desk Lamps

Actually, we can produce light by using the heating phenomenon. For instance, the rule of incandescence describes how we can form light by heating any filament. When we pass the electric current through any filament made up of metal, it is heated. After heating to some specific extent, it starts glowing and produces a sufficient amount of light. In this way, we become able to see things even in darkness. 

Different types and shapes of lamps you should try this year?

Incandescent Lamps

The major thing about Incandescent Lamps is their incandescent nature. As I mentioned above, when an electric current passes through a filament, it starts glowing. 

Tungsten Halogen Lamp:

In this lamp, halogen gas is inserted inside the incandescent. Actually, in incandescent lamps, the filament gets evaporated most of the time. In such circumstances, halogen gas inside them protects them. So, they have a long life and more light. 

Mercury Vapor Lamps:

Mercury vapor lamps contain the vaporized mercury while producing light. This is another type of bulb that is commonly used at homes, shops, malls, and other places. You can also call them gas discharge lamps. 

Metal Halide Lamps:

People are using metal halide lamps at indoor houses and outdoor locations. These are very common in the industry, factories, warehouses, sports arenas, and residential places. It contains a mixture of metal halides and vaporized mercury. It produces light by using an electric arc. 

High-Pressure Sodium Lamps:

They contain lamps wire and are commonly used in outdoor, public parking, roadways, and security areas. HPSL is a very high-intensity light bulb, and they produce a sufficient amount of light when switched on. This light is orange-white in color, and it contains a combination of metals and gases. 

Different types of lights produced by the Lamps wire:

When we talk about types of lamps, we have a wide variety available in the market. The intensity of light, its frequency, and use of current depend upon the structure of the bulb. Here are a few common types of lights now-a-days;

  • Incandescent
  • Compact fluorescent light
  • Halogen forms of lights
  • Light Emitting Diode
  • Smart Bulbs

In addition to this, there are a few shapes of the bulbs using lamps wire. Some of them are listed below;

  • The traditional shape of the lamp
  • Globe shape for the lamp
  • Tube shape of the lamps
  • Candle shape of the bulbs
  • Quartz reflector lamps
  • Twist shape lamps

Where can you install such bulbs?

You can use different types of bulbs at different locations. Here are the common places to install them.

  1. Industry, factories, homes, houses
  2. Warehouses, street lights, kitchen lights, and stadiums
  3. Roadsides, sports centers, offices, tunnels
  4. Restaurants, hotels, motels, highways, malls
  5. Manufacturing units, airports, markets, shops

In last words:

Lamps wires have many types, and you can use them as per your requirement. For beautification, you can either use round shapes or candles shaped lamps for houses and offices. Add to this, incandescent types of lamps are the most commonly used nowadays.

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