Ecommerce: How Outsourcing Can Help Improve Customer Service


The happiness and satisfaction of customers should be among the top priorities of all businesses. This is because having a substantial customer base is crucial to a company’s profitability and success. Moreover, a happy and satisfied customer can serve as a walking testimonial to an establishment’s commendable image and reputation.

With all these said, it’s vital to ensure that every individual you do business with is provided with excellent customer service. However, this can be challenging for small to medium companies faced with the restrictions of a limited workforce.

Large corporations can afford the luxury of having an in-house customer support team available 24/7. The same cannot be said for smaller enterprises–not only is it costly to hire and keep employees, the working space and equipment that they will need are also expensive. This is even more difficult for owners of e-commerce stores, as they often don’t have physical stores or offices.

This is where the perks of outsourcing become more relevant. Outsourcing ecommerce customer services allow online businesses to enjoy the benefits of having in-house customer service agents without actually hiring an entire team. Below, we will discuss how having an offshore customer support team can be advantageous for your ecommerce business.

Reduce Operating Costs

Acquiring an outsourcing company’s services is less expensive than hiring and managing a customer support team of your own.

As previously mentioned, not only will you have to provide agents with suitable compensation, you also have to deal with the costs of additional equipment such as telephones, computer units, and of course, office space. Not only that, but there are also plenty of employment requirements such as benefits, insurance, and taxes.

By outsourcing your customer service tasks, you will be able to get the pros of having on-site customer service representatives without the cost-related cons.

Improve and Maintain Customer Satisfaction

Outsourcing companies with considerable experience in the industry are more equipped to handle support tasks such as addressing complaints and answering inquiries. Accordingly, it’s best to leave it to the experts because the repercussions of poor customer service are extremely damaging.

In addition, the agents of a customer service outsourcing company are more knowledgeable about the nitty-gritty of providing support. Establishing your business as an organization that values customer satisfaction and feedback will surely help your company grow.

Focus on Core Responsibilities

Because all tasks related to customer service will be taken care of by your provider, you can use more time and resources to focus on your business’s core aspects, including marketing and ensuring product quality.

Also, because you have a team working solely on customer support, there will be fewer returned or missed calls. Being unresponsive can harm your business because customers will not feel valued. It’s essential to make sure that they are always heard and significant, so the attentiveness of an outsourcing company will be beneficial for your business.

This, in return, will also result in improved customer retention, which will help increase your ecommerce sales.

Save Time

Outsourcing gives your company easy access to a workforce with expertise in the field of customer service. This not only helps you save money but a substantial amount of time, as well.

Opting to establish an in-house team may take several months of training and years of polishing skills for your agents to perform flawlessly, requiring you to invest thousands of dollars and plenty of hours into training employees who may eventually leave the company.

Expand Business Relations

Have you ever thought of expanding the reach of your products? One of the most significant yet sometimes underrated advantages of outsourcing customer support is getting the opportunity to offer your products and services to customers abroad.

This is because having an offshore team resolves the problem of time-zone differences, considering that you can employ the services of an outsourcing company from another country or continent.

Keep Abreast of Trends and Technologies

Not only are third-party customer service providers more knowledgeable and experienced, but they also use more up-to-date technologies. Aside from traditional communication channels like telephone and email,they also utilize platforms, such as social media and messaging apps for customer service. Some companies also make use of AI chatbots for simpler customer service tasks.

In addition to better tools and equipment, the customer service agents of outsourcing companies also receive frequent training and workshops to help improve their skills.

The Bottom-line

Outsourcing customer service helps you achieve higher productivity, save time, increase your profits, and reduce costs. You can also effectively expand your reach by catering not only to local customers but to the international market, as well.

Moreover, the money and resources you save from working with an external customer service provider can be spent on outsourcing other significant aspects of the business, such as manufacturing, IT assessment, sales, and marketing. When you choose to outsource, you will benefit from the skills of a top-notch team that has been trained in their area of specialization.

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