How does adding gifs, emojis and emoticons make the interaction interesting.

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Keyboards are almost the most heavily used up on the mobile phones and play a very important role in connecting people. There are so many features that let you interact with your close ones and to make your conversations very happening. It is through keyboards that you are able to connect through a vast number of people and the first step towards the connection is the interaction. This is only possible with the help of extra added features that you are in contact with your friends and families for a longer period.

Download Bangla Keyboard

After the discovery of GIFs, emojis, and emoticons people started to express their emotions in a better way. Earlier there were very few features that lacked engagement and interaction without emojis and stickers. It is the time to give beautiful credits to our very own emoticons and stickers that lets us share our thoughts in a correct way.

Do you want to know how these cute features have led to the increase in interactions through chatting rather than phone calls?

Well get ready because we are diving into the list of reasons why the addition of emojis, Gifs, emoticons have made the interactions very interesting.

Avoids confusions:

there are times when you don’t use gifs, emojis, stickers, and people misinterpret your tone of talking. It is that’s why they developed the fun-filled features that lets you share your exact emotions according to your type of conversation. Keyboards also have emojis for your professional conversation like using the thumb emoji (πŸ‘) when you are agreeing to or accepting something.

You can also show your sadness or angriness in the form of emojis, stickers, and gifs whenever you are feeling to. In this way the other person will get to know how you are feeling and you will also be able to understand what they are feeling and nobody gets confused about what the other person isΒ  meaning with their messages.

Increase participation:

  1. you from various groups with your families and friends on various social media websites for messaging apps. If the formation of groups is for fun and entertainment purposes, then definitely using these three beasts gifs, emojis, and stickers will increase interaction and will make your conversation much more interesting. People will get to participate more in the conversation in a very fun way. You will never be bored of such conversations where these three cute features are in utilization
  2. Saves time: you can convert your expression in the form of stickers which you could have written in sentences. It saves time, makes your way of expression very interesting.

    This one tab way of sending your mood of talking with other people always works. Sometimes you don’t want to type texts and play stickers with your friends in various groups. So this is the feature that will help me alot in saving time in typing and sending the stickers with written phrases into it.
  3. The great evolution in communication:
    earlier we used to get shy while initiating a conversation with a new friend but emojis, stickers and GIFs have become much popular as it serves as a low risk of initiating a conversation for the very first time.

    This has led to the evolution of communication with all the people who are socially awkward don’t find it easy to start a conversation with someone. The very fun filled feature has also reduced the awkward social interaction and made the conversations much more enhanced and entertaining. You can communicate in many emotions along with a wide range of thoughts and feelings that includes much more than a single text can do.

Stickers as collections:

many people forget the importance of emoticons, Gifs and stickers but only the real sticker attack will be able to explain how this is the most powerful thing you can use while having conversations.

People keep a collection of stickers as a perfect response according to various situations in such a way like it is a collection of vocabulary. The better your sticker collection is, the more people will try to interact with you and more will be your social status in your friends group.

These are some of the reasons why using this cute feature while communicating is actually the visual representation of your thoughts and feelings. Nowadays, this representation of our thoughts and feelings has grown to a greater extent because of the addition of stickers, emojis, and GIFs.

Download Bangla Keyboard app by Bharat Keyboard to use this feature with a wide range of options related to each of your emotions, favourite thoughts, feelings, etc. It is the time to replace your old default keyboard if you haven’t already and shift towards bobble now or else you are definitely going to miss out the fun and people will not enjoy chatting with you. HURRY UP!

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