How Do I Wash My Car On A Budget?

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If you own a car, it needs maintenance and cleaning. Regular maintainence ensures the proper functioning of your vehicle. You may need professional services to analyze your car’s problems and replace or tune the parts according to the need. Cleaning a car can be done at a car wash, or you can do it by yourself at home. But it is highly recommended that you take your car to a car wash for proper and professional cleaning. You can use Google to search for a cheap car wash near you.  Washing your car helps protect the paint and coating. It cleans the dirt and road salt, which may cause rust and corrosion to your vehicle.

If you live in Calgary, Airdrie, or anywhere in the world, you may find many car washes near you that offer detailing services.

Washing At Home Or Visting A Car Wash Center

Undoubtedly, washing a car at home is the most economical method, but it requires skills, car-friendly cleaning products, and personal energy.

On the other hand, taking your car to an affordable Car Wash Near youmaycost you some dollars, but they clean your car professionally and efficiently. You can find acar wash that is just around the corner. In this way, you can reduce the cost of fuel while going to the car wash center and you can visit it whenever you want.

What is included in a routine car wash?

Whether you live in Calgary or anywhere globally, the steps involved in routine car wash will remain the same. Change or addition of products can be possible, but the overall process doesn’t subject to change.

Everything follows a process

Car wash centers use hot water for instant cleaning of the tough stains. They presoak the car so that it loses the dirt and grime. After that, tires are cleaned with a low-pressure cleaner. Because tires are the dirtiest part of a car with tough dirt on them, so it requires a heavy-duty degreaser to clean it.

Then the next step is soaping the whole car. It removes the presoak along with heavy layers of dirt. Soap is rubbed by a high-quality natural fiber brush to scrub and clean the surface of the vehicle. This soap also acts as a lubricant and helps protect the paint. Then a scented car wax is applied. It is used as a protective coating on your paint, wheels, and windows and acts as a barrier for rust. However, a freshly applied wax can instantly catch further dust and debris. The last step is rinsing the car with the high pressure of hot water.

Augment it with detailing

Service stations often offer detailing services. It is recommended to detail your car twice or thrice a year. It depends on your vehicle and the area you live in, but the average cost of Car Detailing in Calgary is around $50 – $300. Car detailing is like the cherry on the cake, making the car look cleaner and attractive. In detailing, the whole interior is vacuumed and cleaned. Every part is polished and metallic parts are waxed along with supplementary services like windshield repair.

Advantages of car wash centers

We cannot deny that washing a car at a car wash center ensures better paint protection with thorough and fast cleaning. Here are some of the advantages which should grab the top spots. These are the reasons why it is recommended to visit a car wash near you instead of washing your car at home.

  • Cleaning can be done more thoroughly
  • They can remove tough stains and debris from the car
  • Hassle-free services
  • Cleaning your vehicle at a car wash is eco friendly
  • It maintains your car’s original finishing and coating
  • Professional wash with automatic equipment
  • Use of car-friendly products


When visiting a car wash near you, a feeling of satisfaction is natural because your vehicle will be in safe hands. They will take care of your car with utmost responsibility. A simple search on Google can show you an affordable car wash near you.

The main resource used in a car wash is water. Professional car wash centers use less water while cleaning every part of your vehicle.  In today’s world, where everyone is rushing, people find less time for cleaning their vehicles. A cheap car wash is the best option as it reduces your hassles. You can easily visit it on weekends and make your vehicle shine bright as it just comes out of the showroom.

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