Most gentlemen find it interesting in purchasing watches, shoes, wallets, and belts but they find difficulty in purchasing the right size of the belt. Most people think that the size of their legwear and belt is the same. It’s quite different actually.

If you are purchasing a belt from a shop then it is easy to find the right size of the belt but on the web, it is a little bit tough. Now you guys probably wondering how to choose the right size of belt especially on the web for your legwear well in this guide we are going to talk about that and hope that you find it helpful.

First thing first, Your belt size is not the same as your jeans size. The belt size actually estimated from the finish of the belt till the opening normally in a belt having five holes.

In the US, belt sizes use inches, while most European nations measure the belt size in centimeters. The belt size is stepped at the back and regularly named 32, 34, 36, 38, and so forth for the American measuring standard.
Belts typically have five openings, and it is estimated to the estimation of the center opening.
Keep in mind: To decide the right size of the belt for you, Choose a belt that is 2-3 inches bigger than your jeans size since belts are utilized around the jeans and not the abdomen.


Men’s Belt Size

Men’s belt size is very easy to decide than that of women. If you already have a belt then you can simply look at the size with the help of a gauge. Otherwise, brands are offering a standard size of the belt which fits most people. The same Waistring is doing that for you guys. They have all types of belts that you guys can imagine for example Goat leather belts, Cow leather belts, Buffalo leather belts, and many more. The good news is all belts are of standard size which fits most people.

Women’s Belt Size

To find the right size for ladies belt is quite different but as simple as finding men’s belt size, just add 2-3 inches to their jeans size. It is anything but a 30, 32, 34 for ladies yet a 10, 12, or 14. Ladies’ belt size also measures little, medium, large, and extra-large for some specific brands.

In the U.S.A they measure the size of ladies belt in creeps, while the European nation measures it with centimeters. Others measure it by summing up like S, M, L, XL, and so on.

For children the size of belts is different. The most ideal approach to realize your belt size is to gauge around your midriff where your belt ordinarily sits. In the event that the estimation winds up to be an odd number, consider getting the following size accessible.

Things To Keep in Mind about Belt Sizes

Normally the belt size is just 2-3 inches greater than the size of your jeans or the size of your waist/midriff for example if your jeans waist is 32 then 34-36 size of the belt will fit you perfectly.
If your jeans size is of odd number like 27 something. Then try to wear a belt of even a number like 30. That will fit you correctly.
Belts usually contain five holes to stick the prong there is a solution of a belt greater than the size of your jeans. You can make more holes in it but it becomes difficult when the size of the belt is smaller than the size of your jeans. An ideal belt that fits you perfectly its prong will stick on the third hole.
Various Types of Belts
1) Stylish Leather Belt
2) Colored Leather belt
3) Cow Leather Belt
4) Buffalo Leather Belt
5) Goat Leather Belt
6) Net Leather Belt
7) Double Sided Leather Belts
And many more, these all types of belts are available at Waistring Daraz also offers belts of different types as it is most leading e-commerce platform in South Asia. Daraz operates in more than five countries and still growing it is now a part of Alibaba Group of companies.

Belts are actually an additional addon to an outfit but they make a very good impact on a gentleman’s personality and for every outfit, there’s a different belt. So now you guys figure out how to measure the size of your belt.. Interestingly, belts can change the look and feel of your garments without any problem. What’s more, presently, it isn’t so hard to track down the correct size for you.

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