How Digital Carbonless Paper Can Revolutionize Your Business

carbonless paper

Digital carbonless paper printing is an innovative, environmentally-friendly technology that can revolutionize how you run your business, whether it’s the hospital down the street or your local pizzeria. The digital carbonless paper produces high-quality copies of both sides of each page on paper that looks just like traditional carbonless paper but saves time and money. This article will describe why digital carbonless form can revolutionize your business.

Is your business struggling with hard copies of documents?

The sheer cost of keeping track of hard copies can add up quickly. Digital copies are also vulnerable to theft or accidental loss if you don’t have a security measure in place. As technology improves, there are now ways to secure digital documents and maintain business records without risking anything going missing. One of these technologies is digital carbonless paper

Is it time to go paperless?

While digital documents have largely replaced physical versions in nearly every part of our lives, paper is still a staple of most offices. A recent survey by Staples found that nearly 90% of office workers still use paper for documents like financial reports and meeting notes. 

While there are some valid reasons to keep documents in printed form, such as needing multiple copies or sharing hard copies with clients, there are also several compelling reasons to consider making your company more paperless. 

Going completely paperless can cut down on clutter and waste while improving productivity and security. Keep reading to learn why you should consider going paperless at your business.

7 reasons why you should invest in digital carbonless paper

  1. It’s a paper-saving technology, for one thing. The print on digital carbonless paper is just as sharp and precise as traditional carbon copy paper. 
  2. It can be used in any printer, scanner, or fax machine. 
  3. Carbonless copies are crisp and easy to read. 
  4. They feel like regular white copier paper, making them comfortable to write on with pencils or pens rather than scratchy carbon papers that require special writing instruments. 
  5. In addition to saving you money on copy costs and trees—which also saves you money in terms of transportation—digital carbonless copies help your business save time by allowing you to print multiple documents at once while still maintaining legibility and precision. 
  6. And digital technology means no more wasted time shuffling around cumbersome stacks of paper when preparing for meetings! You can upload all your files into a cloud storage system and access them anywhere. This is especially helpful if you have employees who work remotely or travel frequently. 
  7. You don’t need to purchase specialized software; instead, you can use any word processing program you already have installed on your computer.

Considerations before buying a digital copier system

When shopping for a digital copier system, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by all of your options. There are two main things to consider when buying digital carbonless paper – printing speed and cost per page. 

Both will help guide you to making an informed decision. At Pacific Southwest Copiers, we want to make sure our customers understand their options to make an informed decision on an item that fits their needs best. We asked Patrick Ingle, our Marketing Manager, to give us his top three considerations before buying digital carbonless paper.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is carbonless paper used for?

Let’s talk about carbonless paper, NCR paper (standing for no carbon required), digital paper, or digital carbonless. The name is a bit misleading since there is no need to use traditional carbon paper and ink to make multiple copies of these forms. 

A separate sheet of paper with a barcode is used with digital forms instead. This results in cleaner-looking documents that are also far more secure.

Who uses carbonless paper?

Carbonless paper is necessary for businesses with frequent invoices, purchase orders, or checks to print. This paper has one carbon sheet that enables multiple copies printed in succession without losing detail and clarity. 

A typical piece of carbonless paper can hold up to six different sets of information, allowing you to store all your essential data in one place. Even if you’re not planning on doing large-scale printing, it’s still a good idea to get some digital carbonless paper rolls. 

Can I print on carbonless paper?

It is possible to print on carbonless paper with a laser printer. The technology used in thermal printers has made it possible to print directly onto carbonless paper sheets. 

Some people also use pencils, chalk, highlighters, pens, and markers on carbonless paper because they make it easy to go back and change any mistakes that have been created. It is also possible to write or draw with anything you would use on regular blank paper-like crayons or markers, as long as they can be erased or washed off when you are done. 

However, many types of ink can be used for printing directly onto carbonless paper sheets, and these inks tend to give more vibrant colors than standard ballpoint pen ink.

How do I print carbonless paper on my printer?

This is an essential question to ask before purchasing carbonless paper. If you have a specialty printer or your printer was purchased some time ago, it may not be compatible with most carbonless paper on today’s market. 

Most printers manufactured within the last few years are compatible and require little more than finding a template that works with your particular printer model. To find out if your printer is compatible, carbonless research paper followed by your specific brand and model number. 

If you need help installing templates, contact customer service for your printer brand, as they can provide detailed installation instructions to get you up and running in no time!


What Is Digital Carbonless Paper? So you’ve heard of digital documents. You may have even heard of carbonless paper. But have you ever put them together? If not, you should! For over a century, the carbonless paper has helped businesses streamline their workflow—and it can do just that for your business, too. Like traditional carbonless paper, digital carbonless paper allows multiple copies to be made on a single sheet of paper; however, unlike its predecessor, it also enables users to edit digital documents as easily as they could with pen and paper before.