The gaming industry came a long way since the first days when Pong was released. The rapid advancement of technology has made modern titles almost indistinguishable from real life. As graphics cards get more intricate, this is bound to only get more impressive with time. Last year, the global gaming industry market came in at almost $160 billion. It is no secret that gaming has grown up to be more than a fun way to escape from daily life.

Now it is a potential income source for many. There are various online gaming jobs out there, and it is reshaping the definition of what possibilities are available for enthusiasts. In 2021, being a successful esports gamer, or Twitch streamer has become the new it-position. Kids used to want to grow up to be firemen, policemen, and so on. Now you can do all those things from your own home, as well as make a living from it. The massive rise of online gaming communities has shifted the priorities for many youngsters.

According to a survey, almost 40% of all aspiring gamers want to make it their profession. As sponsors, streaming royalties, and ad revenue have become lucrative options for many, pro-gaming has become a valid choice that offers heaps of fun and great money for those who manage to attract a decent amount of viewers or win tournaments.

The vast array of interactive online gaming genres also offers choices for everyone to find what they love. Whether one likes shooters like Overwatch, strategy games such as Warcraft 3, or arcade titles as excellent as razor shark – gamers these days are not short on options. The wide variety of choices is also bound to grow yearly. Let us take a look at how the different tech trends are impacting and shaping the gaming industry.

Online Gaming Tech Trends in 2021

Online Gaming Streams

Streaming video games online has become a trend that took off far beyond anyone’s expectations. The wildly popular online streaming platform Twitch launched a decade ago. Initially, it intended to provide people with a variety of content, similar to YouTube. Little did Twitch know that it would become a modern haven for gamers. Nowadays, there are thousands of live streams running at any given hour of the day.

Twitch receives more than 2 billion viewers per one hour. The website provides various fun ways for fans and streamers to interact, as well as exchange donations. Money from subscriptions, gifts, and ads goes to streamers and allows a significant portion of them to make a living. The Twitch revolution has opened up doors for many young people. That is especially true because one does not have to be an excellent gamer to become a popular streamer. While it helps, personality is what attracts viewers to stay and watch.

The Rise of ESports

If you are not aware of it yet, esports tournaments in Asia fill stadiums due to their popularity. Now that is on hold due to the global lockdown. However, the momentum of online gaming tournaments keeps on growing as competitions still happen remotely. If everything goes according to plan, we may see esports secure a 2024 Olympics slot. Online gaming is becoming a vast attractor for the younger generation.

The notable thing about online gaming is that new titles are constantly in development. Sure, not all become hits in the esports community. However, if they are successful in intriguing players, there is the potential for them to reach a massive amount of people. Older titles such as Warcraft 3, or Starcraft are still popular, too. All of these options keep adding onto the landscape of e-sports. The variety keeps growing. That is a big plus point because any player will find what they consider interested.

Cloud-based Gaming

Cloud-based gaming services are becoming increasingly popular in 2021. Some major companies like Google, Amazon, Nvidia, Microsoft, and Nintendo have stakes in this technology. That speaks for itself. Why is the tech so hot? Cloud-based gaming opens up incredible opportunities for players around the world. The essence of the technology is that it enables the processing of a game to get done by powerful online server stations.

That means that gamers do not need expensive computers to play stunning new games. Cloud-based services allow people to stream the most demanding titles to almost any device with a screen, provided it can connect to the internet. The cloud services are still in the beginning stages, and therefore the input lag for gamers is not as excellent as it could be.

While cloud-based gaming services are not ready for professional esports tournaments, casual gamers can already enjoy its benefits. However, once 5G networks become the new norm, all lag issues will be gone. As internet speeds rise, data plans are bound to expand, too. The issue regarding how much data online gaming uses will luckily become a thing of the past.


We hope that you enjoyed our overview of some of the major online gaming trends of 2021. The gaming industry is growing at an incredible rate, and gamers have many reasons to be excited for what the future holds. We would love to hear about your favorite gaming titles, most beloved online gaming sites, as well as what technologies you are looking forward to most. Please leave your comments in the section below. Happy gaming!

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