persuasive essay on the death penalty

There is something about human life. Whether someone was a criminal or a saint, their death affects society. In the recent past, philosophers and Christians have questioned the right of a man (judge) to take another person’s life as a form of punishment.  Hardcore criminals have become responsible citizens in the past after serving their jail term.  Read on to learn more about the death penalty’s effect on society.

Denies people a second chance

A death penalty is a form of punishment where the offender is killed through hanging or any other method that the court will find fit.  Such punishment is an argument that people cannot change their behavior. It shows that the sentenced person is irredeemable, which is against the purpose of the collection service.

persuasive essay on the death penalty

Prisons serve as a way of rectifying human behavior.  People are out in jail for them to reflect on their life and change. When you sentence a person to death, you acknowledge that the correctional facilities are ineffective, that not everyone can change.  

Innocent families are left suffering

Most people sentenced to death are male youths and middle-aged who have dependent families. Putting them to death leaves their loved ones in many struggles.  Men are mostly the breadwinners in their families. In most cases, their nuclear and extended family depends on them. It’s even worse when two family members are given a death sentence.

Children are left without a guide. Research shows that male children raised by single mothers have a high chance of rebelling, especially during their teenage hood. Their mothers are not strong enough to rise against them in case they disrespect them.  So, killing their fathers creates more problems than a solution for the government. It increases the chance of two or more people becoming criminals.

The death penalty affects a community’s economy

Most people sentenced to death are in the productive age.  The penalty robs the community of a generation that keeps their economy alive.  As time passes by, society becomes poorer until they start relying on the government for help.

The government ends up spending more on reviving these communities.  It takes decades for a society to replace its slain members. So, the community stops becoming productive. The young people growing up during this season result in illegal activity since their culture has nothing to offer.  In the end, the death sentence becomes a cycle in that society.

Damages their relationship with the government

Society becomes bitter when the government passes the death sentence on its members.  The offenders have families and friends who are unpleased by the state’s action. These later become the rebellious and terrorist groups in the society as they try to protest against the government’s actions.

 The affected people make it hard for the government to execute its duties.   They will terrorize residents secretly and rally some people against government projects. Instead of them spending resources building the country, they channel them to fighting terrorisms and other criminal activities. There is a need to learn more on how to deal with issues.

The persuasive essay on the death penalty does not suggest that the government should bargain with a terrorist. It argues that the state should weigh its option and see whether it’s worth keeping on chasing unseen enemies. After all, it’s the society hurting from these bargains.  

It sends fear instead of justice

The death penalty is a form of control for those the government thinks are out of order.  They use the punishment to send a message to anyone who would try to defy the state to some degree.  But, this should not be the case.

 Any form of punishment should be used to serve justice. The offended party should be satisfied that the guilty are prosecuted. No emotionally stable person would rejoice that their offender has been killed. The world has seen many forgiving people who have killed their loved ones.

The offended accepts the punishment as a form of justice because the law has a provision for it. Otherwise, they would take any other sentence given to the offender. So, the death sentence is not about pleasing the victim but for the government to control through fear.

Community starts to disregard human life

People are good at following the government. The death penalty sends a message that it’s okay for someone who has committed a particular crime to die. It’s the reason why there cases of mob justice in society.  Sometimes the community fails to understand that they have no enough evidence that the person committed the crime.

The article has discussed the death penalty and its ugly pangs on society. The main takeaway from the report is that everyone deserves a second chance. Contact us to get customized essays on ethical emerging issues in society.

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