CT scan for heart

To stay healthy and fit, it is always good to give priority to preventive measures. Taking benefits of preventive measures such as diagnostic scans help in detecting the problems before they become severe issues. To prevent the chance of heart attacks, strokes and other heart health-related issues, the root cause of Blocked arteries needs to be caught early. Many preventive scans are used to detect and diagnose the problem effectively. But CT scan is one of the preventive scans that help identify the blocked arteries more effectively.

CT Scan (Computerized Tomography) is a non-invasive imaging procedure. It involves a series of X-rays to create highly detailed 3D pictures of bones, tissues, organs and other body parts.

As per research, compare to other scanning procedure such as stress testing, CT scans of vessels of the heart (CT Angiogram) is better at spotting clogged/ blocked arteries that can lead to severe heart health issues accurately. So, Healthcare providers always recommend CT scans for patients having a family history of heart issues or symptoms like diabetes, high cholesterol, overweight, and hypertension.   Because of the much higher accuracy of results, CT Angiography is the first-line test for patients with symptoms of a blocked artery. 

How Does a CT scan identify the blockage of the heart?

CT Scan is an advanced technology that provides so detailed picture of issues that helps doctors in identifying issues. CT scan for the heart is used to measure the amount of fat, cholesterol, calcium and other substances build-up in the arteries of the patient. Testing the calcium score using a CT Scanner helps identify the blockage. 

The process of calcium score testing is inclusive of the following steps. 

  • Technologist checks the heart rate of patients, if it is found high, then nitro-glycerine is given to the patient beneath the tongue to dilate the arteries.
  • The patient will lie inside the scanner. The head and neck of the patient usually remain outside of the scanner.
  • During the scanning procedure, an electronic x-ray detector will capture the x-rays sent through the body. 

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  • During the image acquisition, the body of the patient will move inside the scanner.
  • The scanner will process the captured data and create cross-sectional images.
  • Using the computer the cross-sectional images will be reassembled and create clear 3D images of the heart and  the blood vessels.
  • The doctor uses the images to evaluate the risk of heart-related issues such as heart attack.

Expert’s Take

An accurate and timely diagnosis of the problem is always helpful in the prevention of health issues. With the help of a CT scan for the heart (CT Angiography), you can get to know about heart-related disorders at an early stage and prevent them from being severe with proper treatment. Getting your scan done at the certified diagnostic laboratory with 100% accuracy of reports is stress relieving factor.

So, if you or your close ones are suffering from any symptoms related to heart disorders, it’s always the best decision to undergo a scan with the best diagnostic centre. Ganesh Diagnostic is the best CT scan center in Delhi with a 24*7 facility, having the highest-quality equipment. We are committed to providing the highest quality of care at a pocket-friendly CT scan price to ensure an accurate diagnosis with effective steps without any compromise.

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