How do consumers benefit from advertising?

consumer benefit from advertising

Why businesses use advertising:

Advertising is heavily used across many businesses and is a term that is part of marketing. It is usually in a paid format through billboards, search engines, public transport banners, TV,

radio broadcasts, newspaper and magazine ads that helps to increase brand awareness and

sales, whilst targeting a specific or general market. It also helps a business to separate and

set aside from their competitors, and provide straightforward, creative information about the

business and what they have to offer to the consumer. As much as advertising can benefit a

business, it can also benefit consumers in many ways, below are some of the examples.

Saves time when looking for a specific product:

Searching for a product that you need can sometimes take up a lot of time, or it might even

be the matter of trying to find the most suitable product that has the most effective features,

or the best deal that you want and appeals to you more as a consumer. As technology has

increased dramatically over the past few years, with the use of data and analytics shopping

online has become much easier as ads are stronger in targeting – making the delivery of

information smoother and faster about a product. Often, consumers are hit with an ad

based on their data, of a product that they may have forgotten they needed or wanted which

then reminds them to purchase.

Helps identify new products or services:

A consumer wouldn’t know about a new product or service, without it being advertised. For

example, Zoom, a video calling software that has been around for quite a while –

dramatically increased in awareness and popularity when the COVID pandemic hit in 2020,

resulting in millions of people working from home and using this software. It promotes an

easy set up and straightforward application to use, which quickly spread around the world

and has benefitted many consumers to easy video calling and has now become a staple


Makes finding a deal, and cost-effective price easier:

When a consumer searches for a product, one of the key things they think about when

purchasing and choosing – is which product or service has the best deal and price.

Advertising helps give the consumer more options to browse, and with a lot of comparing

sites around as well as reviews, it helps the consumer easily identify and compare products

and services up against each other to the most cost-effective purchase.

Makes communication easier:

Advertising can help make communication much easier and direct between the consumer

and a business. Contact information about the business that’s providing a product or service,

is usually displayed through the ad. This allows the consumer to directly approach the

business about any queries or further information they’d like before or after purchasing. With

helping communication become more direct, it helps the consumer build more of a trusting

relationship with the business and puts them at ease when purchasing or browsing, so they know they are in good hands.

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