How Can I Make My Small Bathroom Look Luxurious?

send live plants

You don’t need a huge budget and a huge bathroom space to enjoy luxury in your bathroom. While searching for bathroom interior decor inspiration, you’re often bombarded with images of bathrooms the size of an entire home. When some of these designs are emulated, you might end up leaving your tiny bathroom looking crowded and extremely flashy.

There are many ways to transform a small bathroom into a work of art that don’t require huge changes. From the inclusion of accessories to changing lighting systems, here are a few ways to make your bathroom look luxurious.

Incorporate Plants

As part of the interior, indoor plants don’t receive as much praise as they should. Having a beautiful plant indoors adds so much to you and your space, from improving your air quality to giving the room a natural and relaxing look. When working toward luxury in your bathroom, you can order live plants from an online store. Some stores send live plants like citrus plants, fresh flowers of jade vine, cacti, and other blooms straight to your home.

Floor plants are a great addition to your bathroom because they don’t need additional installation. However, note that you should choose plants that are suitable for humid spaces. For this reason, it’s best to invest in quality plant food as well as a quality vase so your beautiful plant can remain healthy for long.

Use Wallpaper Accents

Gone are the days when entire walls of a room were covered in wallpaper. Nowadays, wallpaper accent walls are more popular since the design is not as busy as wallpaper covering every inch. Adding wallpaper to only a section of the room is a great and cost-effective way to customize your bathroom. Look for wallpaper to accentuate any crown molding, as these give a more elegant finish.

Also, note that the wallpaper should only be done after your walk in tub installation and any other renovations, be it the addition of hydrotherapy jets or even a two-seat tub (or any other renovation that can stain the wallpaper). Suppose you’re not good at installing wallpaper. In that case, it is best to employ a remodeling expert or a wallpaper expert to help to avoid scratches, smudges and anything that can affect the final look and even your future bathing experience.

Choose Light Colors

Surround yourself with bright colors in your bathroom if you’re looking for simplicity and elegance. Small bathrooms have a high tendency of looking cramped, claustrophobic, and uncomfortable. Using light, calming colors is a simple way of brightening the space and giving it more width without actively adding more space. White is a good option for any bathroom design because it can be paired with light neutral colors to give your bathroom the look of a high-end sanctuary.

In addition to light paint, consider using white accessories like quality white towels and rugs, paring these too with neutral accessories to exude more luxury.

Buy New Decor

Getting new items doesn’t mean throwing away everything in your bathroom and starting fresh. It means replacing a few items that have served their purpose or those that look worn out. If need be, you can also invest in a new countertop or get new sinks. Also, shop around for the best-priced items and high-quality options. If you’re changing your floors, look for newer, slip-resistant floors. If you’re changing your tub, look at different bathtub prices.

Overall, ensure that the new tub you invest in adds to your bathroom layout in terms of style and luxury. And lastly, get a professional installer to set up all the new items.