Why buy a house under an affordable housing scheme in Gurgaon?

housing scheme in Gurgaon

Most of us have dreamed of owning a home. We all want to have a place where we can belong to. A place which we could call our own. And for a long time, the idea of owning a house has lingered in our dreams. But the path to getting a home is not a cakewalk. Considering how pricey the property buying activity has become, most of the migrants who are relocating to Delhi – NCR region for their jobs are experiencing problems in owning an accommodation. This problem has resulted in unrest and annoyance and from the past few years, the youth has looked up to the government to find a solution for this issue.  This is one reason why the government of India in 2013, launched the affordable housing scheme. Under this project, the certain strata of society whose income is below the average household income get to own a house at a very nominal price. Through this plan, the government has made it a point to provide housing facility to all the economically weaker sections and more emphasis has been made at giving property to the female members of the house. So this plan does not just aim at removing the accommodation problems but also aims at uplifting women and making them financially stronger.

If you plan to buy a house in the Delhi-NCR region, especially Gurgaon then you must give a look at the housing projects under the affordable housing plan. And if you qualify the affordable housing criteria, you will be able to own your dream house in the most prime location in Gurgaon at very nominal prices. So if you have been looking for your dream house and have not found it yet, then you might want to check all the reasons why you should get a house under the affordable housing scheme.

Pricing: The best feature of a house under the affordable housing scheme is that they come to you at very nominal prices. Considering how costly it has become to own a new house in Gurgaon, it is very difficult for the lower section of society to be able to buy their own house. But when you purchase a home under an affordable housing scheme, you get it at a very low price. Along with the nominal prices you just pay 1% GST on the total cost of your house. This scheme has helped the lower strata of society get the best housing benefits without them having to think about their wallets. You can also avail subsidy on your loans as well when you apply for a house under the affordable housing scheme.

Location: When you plan to invest in a house under the Affordable housing scheme, you get a house in one of the most prime locations of the city. Be it proximity to Dwarka expressway or closeness to schools, hospitals, banks and much more, you get a lot of benefits location wise. There are so many projects that are under construction and so many other projects that have already been readied. You can invest in Huda affordable housing sectors 79, 102, 1023 and many more. And you are sure to get amazing location benefits. Be it the upcoming projects on Sohna road that are getting ready for possession or the projects in sector 85, 91 and many more, you can have these locational benefits everywhere.

Good returns: According to the Indian government, once you get the possession of a house under affordable housing, you can sell it after a year. Considering the fact that all the other housing projects in Gurgaon do not come for a price less than 80-90 lakhs, affordable housing projects give you an edge over others. And in future, if you plan to sell your house, you can surely expect a huge profit on your property sale. This is what makes affordable housing projects in Gurgaon even more compelling.

Amenities: All the projects that are being built under the affordable housing plan have excellent and luxurious housing facilities that an apartment or flat must-have. Be it a wide parking area, sports complex, gym, cafe, community centre and much more, you get access to everything at a very cost-effective price These benefits make the affordable housing scheme even more attractive and worth dwelling in.

When you buy a house under the affordable housing plan you are sure to avail amazing benefits. The best part about owning a house in such projects is that you are sure to get a timely possession and because these are government certified projects, you can trust them for excellent quality and luxurious facilities at an affordable price.

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