House Plants That You Must Get To Bring Nature home

house plants

Plants are an essential part of our ecosystem, there is absolutely nothing that can replace these beings in our life. Bringing a plant home is a great decision, this would not just add beauty to your house but will also provide a lot of benefits. Get house plants from kirkwood florist, the best florist in town. Now, house plants are of various categories and the list is endless. But here are some which are easy to maintain and look amazing as well. 

Check out the list from Elana’s Broad Street Flowers and Gifts now and bring nature home – 

Potted golden Pothos Ivy- 

These plants are super popular in the plant community, Known for their looks and effortless style. This plant has dark, light and a hint of yellowish spots on it. This is also known as Devil’s Ivy. This plant grows in various directions depending upon the placement. It is not your traditional upright plant. Commonly you will see this plant hanging from the top and all the leaves and stems would be flowing downwards. With brighter light this plant needs more watering otherwise just once a week will do the job. This plant needs indirect light as well. Looking great as ever this plant thrives with minimal effort as well. 

Bromeliads Plants-

This is a flowering plant with the most interesting flowers.  This plant looks like the top of a pineapple, really! You gotta make a special potting mix for this plant with a combination of sand and soil. This plant needs lower light conditions and if you feel that the flowers are turning dark green then that plant would require some more light. When it comes to watering you need to pour water into the cup like top, this needs water sparingly and the soil needs to dry out as well. This is a  lovely and unique house plant to have. 

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Imperial purple orchid-

Known for its design, colors and detailing. Orchids make a great flowering house plant which you can receive from any greenville flower shop. This plant gets a string of purple blooms which look mesmerizing. This might seem a tough one but not really. All this plant needs is some yearly repotting, bright but indirect sunlight, regular light watering along with some misting, and some organic plant fertilizer to boost the growth. Orchids, especially purple ones, were a symbol for luxury, strength, love and beauty. Make sure to get your flowers from middletown de and also choose the right pot for your plant. 

Snake plant-

A common house plant, beginner-friendly, good looking and easy to maintain. Snake plant has so many more names as well. Coming to how they be looking like, well they have long thick leaves, a dark green middle with a light green line all around the edges of the leaves. This plant is tolerant to drought, and needs water only once a week, bright indirect sunlight and your snake plant will grow big and strong. These plants are known to filter the air and  remove pollutants. Apart from this plant also benefits your mental health by creating a cozy safe feeling environment. 

Peace lily-

A flowering house plant that blooms white lilies with a unique shape. Peace lily is really a symbol of peace and innocence. This beautiful plant needs watering just once a week and requires misting during high temperatures. These plants are easy to work with since they need low to medium high indirect light. So this plant can also brighten dark corners of your space. You can find these  flowers in  middletown along with some plants in fabulous pots. 

Plants of all kinds are just lovely to have get Wilmington Delaware flower delivery and order online. Get plants, flowers, bouquets and more with just a click.