5 Hottest 2022 Wedding Trends

wedding trends

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic struck, social events and larger gatherings have suffered and were forced to go through major adjustments. From cutting the guest list short to choosing spacious venues, wedding trends will have to be furtherly modified to comply with all the COVID-19 requirements. In that manner, we’ve created a list of 5 wedding trends that every married couple-to-be should look into when they start planning their 2022 nuptial.

Virtual invites and save-the-dates

Going through the hassle of ordering save-the-dates and invites, then having to proofread them and pray to God everything was spelled correctly before you send them out, has caused enough stress for brides and grooms-to-be in the past. In 2022, virtual invites and save-the-dates will be your favourite step in wedding planning. Simply design your invites on your own in one of the graphic design programs, or hire a designer to do it for you if you’re not design-savvy. With one click on your computer, you’ll send them out to all the guests, hassle-free.

Outdoor venues

Another major impact pandemic had on weddings is the rise in outdoor venue bookings. In 2022, you’ll see couples rushing to book any garden, beachfront restaurant or rooftop venue Australia wide, just to minimize the risk of COVID spread and to make everyone feel like the pandemic never happened. If you are living in the Land Down Under, the wine regions of South Australia are worth considering, as they host some of the most magnificent outdoor wedding locations.

Unique bouquet and flower designs

Unlike in previous years when brides chose to throw their bouquet for the potential future bride to catch it, in 2022, brides will opt for a different approach – bouquet preservation. You can press the flowers or preserve them in epoxy resin. Another popular preservation method is dipping flowers in wax. Whichever way you decide to go, you’ll need a lovely bouquet first. Therefore, make sure you find a reliable and creative florist who will do flower delivery in Western Sydney for your magnificent Australian wedding. Dry your wedding bouquet and display it in a vase in your living room to have a unique and everlasting memento of your happiest day.

Bows are coming back

Bows have always been a wonderful touch of décor to any gift, event or outfit. In 2022, bows are hitting the wedding section hard as they’ll be ubiquitous. From wedding gowns to hair accessories, bows will be everywhere. Don’t care if they’re big or small, as long as you make them a part of your shoe decor, centrepiece, and cake adornment, your 2022 wedding will be trendy.

The rise of short wedding dresses

We couldn’t emphasise strongly enough how many brides had to postpone and reschedule their wedding dates in the previous year and a half. All of that commotion leads to a new rising trend of short white wedding dresses. Nothing too flashy, but still elegant enough to make a bride look glorious on her happy day. Short above-the-knee dresses that follow the shape of the figure will be the talk of the town. If it has a bow on the back, it’s a go-to option. You can always add a long veil or a pair of gloves for an added oomph. The best part about the delicate white dress is that you can later remodel it and wear it for multiple other occasions.

Getting married is always exciting, but the preparations will inevitably be nerve-wracking. If you’re planning to tie the knot in 2022, make sure you keep an eye out for the hottest trends that will make you the trendiest newlywed couple out there. From outdoor venues to virtual invites, there’s plenty to consider, before you make your final decision, and have an entire event planned out.

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