5 Hot illustration trends in 2019

Hot illustration trends

Illustration is one of the few art forms that has been evolving constantly. With every New Year, comes along new themes and styles for illustration. And as an illustrator it would be wise to stay in touch with those growth sprouts within the industry. Here are a few trends that you need to familiarize yourself with; 

5 must follow illustration developments

Vivid colors and minimalism:

Branding, packaging and advertising has been keen about minimalistic graphic designs in 2019. And that has managed to prevail towards illustration styles 2019 as well, making it more in equilibrium. Due to the rise of niche, marketing strategies have changed and they’ve gotten more creative and that has resulted in a wider transparency for consumers. Brands are eradicating extra work through removing unneeded details within designs and replacing it with bright and yet simple shapes and designs when it comes to illustrations. This has benefited them as well, by marking their existence on their customers; since unique and simple forms are remembered more easily and are more distinguishable. 

The trend is predicted to continue into the next year as well. In a world of bone dry labels, saturated aesthetics have taken over. Although, you must make sure that you don’t oversimply it. 

Raw and organic:

Everyone loves colorful and geometric landscapes when it comes to illustrations; however, there has been a counter trend and that is hand drawn and crafted illustrations. That has brought out the traditional forms of illustration. Even if digital platforms are being used to create those, they still give a feel of being created by hand, roughly. And that enhances its essence of beauty with imperfections. And it is have been noticed that clients prefer illustrations that look more organic and have a human touch to it, making them more relatable and easier to connect with. 

This style can often be seen on book covers, not just that; you can see them on corporate designs as well. 

Idiosyncratic and theoretical:

Illustrators are transforming their way of art into something more unique and natural. They incorporate different textures, lines and shapes into their illustrated pieces and add colors to it; and that is the epitome of abstract art. It looks great for as long as the artist knows how to keep it in a balance and not overdo it. These can also be referred to as trippy illustrations that are common amongst the youth, making them more in demand. 

Cheeky and frisky:

Dystopian and utopian illustrations have become a common theme in illustrative works. They have become extremely common in today’s time and will continue to grow in the later years, as they provide a different outlook on things; different than one’s own perspective. And as curious beings, we appreciate newer views that have been unfamiliar to us, the more mind boggling it is the better response it’ll get. 

They are being widely used in almost everything; from brand marketing content to books and publication platforms. The childlike glee it comes along with ignites the spark of interest within viewers, everyone’s already looking for things to stimulate their interests with and this is exactly what does the work. 

Bringing back the 90’s:

This has been another one of the biggest trends of the current times. Retro style brings back old aesthetics and memories, this has gone as far as being everywhere from streetwear to top tier fashion and media. Illustration caught the contagious artistic disease and infused its wild and bright color combinations that range from neon’s to pastels with intricate designs that speak for themselves. One look and you’ll know it’s referring to the era of 90’s, that’s how strong it is. 

The trend also stands out with solid line work mixed with colors as well as glitch effects within web designing and illustrations. A larger chunk of illustrators themselves went through this era when they were teenagers and that aids them with pointing out to their illustrations from first hand experiences. This allows them to pour out their emotions and heart into it and that wins everyone’s hearts. 

Now that you know trends that spoke out in 2019, you can implement these and prepare for the next year and win the race as an illustrator. 

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