Host Virtual Event With Virtex Platform

Virtual Event With Virtex Platform

Virtual event platforms are virtual environments that allow event organizers and community managers the opportunity to host events on digital platforms. They enable attendees, organizers, and guests to network and interact with one another. A needs the same amount of attention and care as an in-person event. 

When you determine that you want to organize a virtual event, how do you do it? The procedure of organizing is relatively similar to that of any other type of event. The strategy for organizing an in-person event is to put yourself in your guest’s shoes, and the same should be followed when preparing for a virtual event. Attendees should not be seated for more than 2 hours in a physical event, and virtual events are no different. Use your regular planning ideas and tactics to develop and implement a fantastic event as you intend. Although virtual events may seem different, the more you handle them as if they were in person, the better.

What is a Virtual Event?

You have probably attended an online webinar, taken an on-demand workout class, or participated in a meeting via video conferencing. You may have even participated in a conference right from your desk. These are examples of virtual events. Virtual events are those where people can experience the event online rather than attending in person. 

Virtual Exhibitions

Virtual Exhibitions allow businesses to reach a wider audience and increase their profit. Their dynamic and 3D environment includes booths and stalls. Visitors can engage and be informed about the services offered through live chat, facilitating instant and relevant lead generation.

Virtual conferences

Virtual conferences make it possible to host large gatherings without renting a venue or hiring a large team. Virtual meetings offer many opportunities for attendees to connect and share new ideas, just like their in-person counterparts.

Polls and Q&A

Features like polls and Q/A can be integrated into your virtual event to allow people to vote on a question and share their thoughts. Using a polling system can help you get an insight into the audience’s opinions about a topic. Including Q&A sessions in your event, organizers can enable two-way interaction between attendees and speaker/presenter. You can include Q&A sessions in your event for asking sensitive questions about the topic to explain your point. 

Why Virtual Events Platform

The simple answer is that community managers and event marketers worldwide are searching for an affordable, scalable, and feasible alternative to traditional in-person events. Virtual events are a great solution, offering all the benefits of in-person events and more. platforms are expected to take a significant share of the action from traditional counterparts even after normalization. Virtex is a leading virtual event platform. It was launched in 2020 and quickly rose to prominence.

Utilization of virtual event platforms for your online audience?

Online audiences bring many benefits in terms of year-round engagement. Why not use an existing social network platform like Facebook or LinkedIn instead for more engagement? It’s simple: Event management platforms allow you to brand your community while providing ongoing networking opportunities for members.

Members can sign up for events, view your content, and access your messaging. The platform also offers multiple ways for members of the community to interact at any time between events.

Almond Virtex allows brands, institutions, and organizations to create memorable virtual experiences. You can host conferences, exhibitions, launch events, community events, R&R shows, and training programs. All this is possible on a secure platform that’s scalable, customizable, and easy to use. VIRTEX offers a remarkable return on investment by leveraging the power of data analytics. 

Top Features 

  •  3D Visualization
  •  Networking Lounge
  •  Custom branding
  •  Session Playlist & Ratings
  •  Gamification
  •  Breakout Sessions
  •  Reactions
  •  Live Polls & Quizzes
  •  Unlimited Attendees
  •  Analytics Dashboard

Ideas for Virtual Events

Virtual events come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. There’s a lot you can do with your virtual event solution, whether you’re hosting a virtual conference, a virtual meeting, or a virtual event. However, expecting ideas to hit when it comes to virtual event ideas may be difficult. The possibilities are infinite, whether you want to offer extra fun to your virtual event with digital cooking classes, a dance class, a comedy performance, or you want to engage participants further with live polling and breakout sessions or a mobile event app. 

Virtual Events Platforms to Host a Virtual Event

Technology is the key to virtual events. Without the internet and mobile devices, attendance wouldn’t be possible. Video conferencing is only one aspect technology. Virtual events, like in-person events, benefit from using an entire event technology platform that helps you promote, execute, and manage your event.

Last but not least, giveaways are always special and an excellent way to increase attendees’ engagement. They may be a great way to spice up your virtual event. Additionally, You may provide some virtual gifts, or you have the option of sending tangible rewards to your guests after the virtual event.

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