5 Ways To Host Guest Speakers For Your Company


Guest speakers play a very important role in corporate events. They are key to the success of the event. This means that the speakers need to be comfortable in their work environment as well as when they retire for the day. You need to find them a comfortable place to stay at. By getting enough rest, they will be ready to give great speeches when the time comes. What are the options you have? Here are the five best options.


A hotel is an establishment that aims at providing accommodation for guests along with other amenities which differ from one facility to the other. There are hotels rated from one to seven stars. The higher the rating, the more luxurious the amenities you will find. Also, the cost per stay increases depending on the amenities available.

A typical hotel has serviced rooms fitted with TV, internet connections, toiletries, and a bathroom to name but a few. In most cases, room service is available around the clock. Within the hotel premises, you may find a swimming pool, fitness facilities, bars, restaurants and so on. It is important to look at the specific facilities a hotel has to offer before booking for your guests.

As a general consideration, choose hotels that offer a comfortable stay at a price within your company’s budget.


If you are short on budget or have the corporate event at a remote location, a motel is a good accommodation option for your guests. Motels are simple and inexpensive hotels. They provide the basics of living including a bed, internet access, and desk space. Most motels do not offer room service and they may not have luxurious features like swimming pools.

A motel is ideal for guests who want a private room without extravagant features available at hotels.


This refers to a private house whose owner avails extra rooms for hosting paying guests. If you have guest speakers coming into town for a corporate event, this accommodation option is great because it gives them a sense of family where they stay. Guesthouses provide visitors with a feeling of home away from home. Guests get to have their private rooms while sharing common areas like the kitchen and bathrooms with other occupants.

With most guesthouses being family-owned, they are cozy and the staff members are very friendly. Home-cooked food and WiFi may be available.


If your corporate event where the speakers are needed is online, you do not need to seek accommodation for your guests. They can join in from the comfort of their homes. With this accommodation option, you can save money and guests will be relaxed as they make their presentations. They are home after all!

It is the convenience of this accommodation option that has seen a rise in virtual events. Many organizers benefit from working with virtual event companies. Such companies will help you organize a customized virtual event with all the features you need.


How long will your guest speakers be around? If they will be around for a while, an apartment will be an ideal way to host them. Opt for a fully furnished apartment so the guests only need to bring personal belongings. An apartment will give the guests a private bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen where they can cook their meals.

Apartments usually come with parking spaces which come in handy for longer stays. WiFi access and TV services may also be available. Washing machines and other modern equipment may also be available. There are different apartments to choose from. Consider your budget and the features your guests need when making your pick.

Remember, Comfort is King

With the above ways to host your guest speakers, you must be wondering which one to choose. They are all viable options but the most important consideration to bear in mind is comfort. Find out what kind of accommodation is considered comfortable for each guest. While some will prefer luxurious hotels, others will want to enjoy the homely atmosphere of a guesthouse. Find a suitable option and go with it. Also, consider your budget. Remember that accommodation charges are on your company and you still have to cater for other aspects like paying for the event’s running.

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