Does Home Staging Help In The Sale Of A Property?

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Home staging is a process in which the interior of the home is presented with the sole aim of making it look more appealing to a potential buyer. It is a marketing strategy adopted by real estate agents to facilitate the sale of the house quicker and at a higher price. Though a relatively new concept in Australia, it has caught the attention of the people here because of its multiple benefits to the home seller.

What is home staging?

Staging, essentially, is done to enhance and showcase the best features in the house that immediately creates a positive impression in the mind of the buyer. It can be best described as an advanced form of visual merchandising. Compared to a bare inner space of the house, the presence of furniture, appliances, and décor items that are strategically placed in a home highlights the myriad number of possibilities to the buyer.

Though home staging does not include renovations, it certainly involves a major revamping of the home. It may include painting the walls and decluttering the interiors of the furniture, appliances, décor items, and furnishings that have been in use earlier. Renting new furniture and appliances is a common practice that is employed in home staging to create a perfect visual representation of a home. Today, it has become an important part of selling property.

Purpose of home staging a property

Earlier, the norm was to display properties for sale that were mostly vacant. Buyers got to see empty vacant inner spaces of the house. However, not everyone is artistically inclined to create living spaces that suit their sensibilities in their mind just by looking at an interior.

  • However, not many people enjoy seeing empty spaces in the ‘would be’ renting apartments. Keeping such ideas in mind, the brokers and agents have introduced the buyers and young people who try to rent out places, with the new ideas of home staging facilities where all the apartments and houses come with designed interiors along with efficiently furnished things which can win hearts in no time. Thus, to make sure that the following purposes are served, you can check out the below points: It makes the home look more inviting and aesthetically pleasing
  • The interior looks clean and more organized
  • Depersonalizes the inner space of the house
  • Strategic positioning of furniture and décor enhances the size and functionality of the rooms
  • Modernizes the space with new the latest interior design techniques

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Benefits of home staging

The wide range of benefits that home sellers gain from home staging, once their property has been listed, has resulted in an increasing number of people adopting this marketing technique to improve the sale potential of their home.

Creates an emotional connect for the buyer

When a buyer sees a beautifully decorated house on sale, it may appeal to their aesthetic appeal and help create an instant emotional connection with the house. It may be similar to what they have envisioned their perfect living space in their new home to be.

At times, the décor used in home staging gives multiple design ideas to the prospective buyer of the interiors for their new home.

Also, in most homes, there are a few awkward nooks and corners that are difficult to put to functional use. Since staged homes, in most cases, are designed by interior designing professionals, they have the expertise to transform such difficult-to-use spaces into the most functional and efficient storage or living area, thus, creating an exciting proposition for the new buyer.

Increases the value of the property

Surveys suggest that properties with staged interiors sell for almost 3-6% higher prices than unstaged homes. Not one incident of home staging has been reported where it has hampered the sale process. In almost all cases, the homeowner has benefitted from investing in home staging.

Homes sell faster

On average, most homes when listed by the real estate agent take nearly 90 days to be sold. However, staged homes typically sell in just about more than a month. While figures may vary, most agents agree that the sale of a home is positively impacted when it is home-staged.


If you decide to put your house on sale, considering home staging as an option may be beneficial for you in the long term. They not only attract better property value but also facilitate the sale sooner.